Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

Yes . . . The BIG 30! I used to think thirty was old. I sure don't anymore, because I don't feel old. Probably because I am still so immature! Maybe by forty I will have grown up a bit. No promises though.

Today was a great day. I had a very romantic day working at the studio with Tara, who got me the cutest bracelet (from Nicole also, Thanks, I love you girls!). And of course Tara treated me to lunch at Brucchis. How can you go wrong there?

Damon and my girls had a surprise party planned for me at Damon's studio.(As we are still homeless!)See the picture card at the top. That had to have taken Damon a LONG TIME! See previous post about Crazy Ava and having her pictures taken! They had the place all decorated, pink of course, with a nice dinner and cake Edyn picked out. My babies were so excited that they played such a huge role in helping daddy plan my very special party. Then we went to a movie. I loved every minute of it. It was PERFECT! Thank you Daddy!

So it seems that the thing to do is tell 30 things about yourself on your thirtieth birthday. I will go ahead and jump on that wagon and share with you all a little more about ME! Some facts, flaws, dreams, confessions, etc! I hope you don't get to bored!

1. I was nearly born on the sidewalk. My dad took my mom to the wrong door a the hospital. It was about five in the morning. My mom laid down on the sidewalk, ready to give birth right there. Luckily, they go her inside, and I was already coming out.

2. I was a tow head when I was little. Now you know where Ava gets it!

3. I peed my bed til I was about 8. I broke the habit when my grandma promised to buy me new bedding if I stopped. It worked. I wish she would have made me that offer a little earlier! It would have saved me some embarrassment!

4. I have had braces TWICE! And the second time I was 27 years old. My mouth is worth a fortune, as I have a tooth implant where I just happened to be missing a very important front tooth . . . about $7000 dollars later, I got one! And it looks dang good if you ask me! (PS. . . I paid for every cent of it myself (no dental insurance), with my hard earned money from Realife Photo!)

5. I LOVE Ellen Degeneres . . . not in a Lesbian sort of way, seeing as how I am not a lesbian, but I think she is one of the funniest people on the planet.

6. I DO NOT LOVE being in the spotlight. They always say that the more you do things in front of people, the easier it gets . . . WRONG AGAIN! Not in my case. I cannot tell you how many times I have sung, played piano, given speeches, had to answer questions . . . . It gets worse for me every time I do it. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. I avoid it like the plague.

7. I have degree in Social Work. And when my kids are all in School, I plan on getting a Masters in Education.

8. If there were do-overs in life, I would do so many things over. (that is a whole other blog) I wish so bad that I wouldn't have thought I was too cool to play an instrument in middle and high school. If I could go back, I would have played the Cello. I would love to be in a symphony.

9. I love loose change. We call it "gray money" around here. I try to follow the 10 commandments, but that "though shalt not steal" one really gets me every time I am around loose change. I take it out of Damon's car all the time and put it in my own special change jar. You should all hide your spare change if I am around. I can't make any promises that I won't take it and use it for my own selfish desires!

10. I am Compassionate Service Leader at Church . . . yet . . . I am the LEAST compassionate person I know. I think that I am supposed to learn something from this, and obviously haven't learned it yet . . . because I just can't seem to get myself released!

11. When I was 16, I let me friend who didn't have a license drive my brand new 4 door Geo Metro . . Blue of course, from the gas pump up to the building to pay . . . all of 100 feet . . . And she ran that beautiful piece of machinery right up over the curb and into the building. It caused about $2500 worth of damage. We split the price and had to work our whole Junior Year to pay my dad off. That sad thing is, is two months later, I totaled the same car. Dang. My dad still made us pay!

12. I have no rhythm. I can't dance. I used to TRY to fake it in high school and college, but now I have come clean, so no one has to suffer anymore!

13. I never wanted kids, because I grew up in such a huge family, and I was basically changing diapers and watching kids from the time I was about 5. I knew how much work it was and I just didn't want any part of it. Everyone told me it would be different if they were my own. I didn't believe it. But I do now. Having kids has made me a better person.

14. I have had my heart broken once, it took me years to get over.

15. I hate traveling.

16. I am deathly afraid of the ocean, yet I lived in Hawaii for 3 years. Weird!

17. I LOVE talk radio. I listen to it all the time. It drives my kids crazy.

18. I was training for a half marathon when I got pregnant this time, and after that, I was going to continue on and do a full marathon. I had to quit training, but once I have this little girl, I am lacing up those shoes and getting myself ready. I can't wait to conquer 26.2! It get excited just thinking about it!

19. Pretty soon I will be packing heat . . as I will be applying for a concealed weapons permit on Monday! That also gets me excited when I think about it.

20. I grew up on a farm and my favorite animal is a cow. I think they are so cute, those huge eyes and long eyelashes . . . . and they are so gentle.

21. I never rode a roller coaster until I was 28. I am not real fond of rides, as they make me want to vomit. I would hate for that to happen all over people. I managed to hold it in and somewhat enjoy the ride!

22. I went skydiving once, and had a complete blast, but I would never do it again.

23. I SWORE I would never marry Damon. I am so glad I did. He is s a great husband and he can really put up with a lot of things I throw at him on a daily basis! Poor guy. He is such a trooper.

24. I am NOT concerned with what others think of me.

25. I speak my mind WAY too often. I really should learn to keep my mouth shut!

26. I work way too much, and I need to knock that off. My family is way more important than extra money.

27. I clean too much. Just a little OCD over here.

28. I swear too much.

29. I eat too much.

30. It took me a long time to really like myself. But I can honestly say that I do now! Too bad it took me so long to figure this one out. I am an imperfect woman. . . .. But trying hard every day (okay, some days I don't really try that hard) to become better. I have a great life. I am so blessed. Hopefully my next thirty years will be as great, or even better than the first thirty! Its all up to me and the choices I make :).

Monday, November 26, 2007

daddy's blog...

It snowed tonight.
Our living room is empty.
I'm here alone tonight.
and our living room is empty.
Edyn's light is gone.
and our living room is empty.
"Ven" she doesn't call for me.
now our living room feels so empty.

Not really poetry from daddy, just a few thoughts that went through my mind as I was trying to get the last things done at our "old house". I learned a few things tonight as I cleaned. First, don't be in a hurry...

I remember so clearly how eager we were to move into our new home. To leave behind the place Edyn first came home to, and to give her her very own room. It seemed so far away, accross the living room to it, so we made a little bed for her and she one day slept in it, next to ours. Of course she always ended up in our bed. We wanted so badly for the day to come that she would sleep through the night all by herself. It kind of did there for a while, and somehow I found myself falling asleep with her in her bed now...

We were so eager to sell our house, always considering it "a" home but probly not "our" home. Too many things we didn't like about it. Let's get out of here we thought, and said, and complained when it didn't sell. You know it finally did. "Hooray!" as Libbie stated before.

So now "our living room is empty".

I walked around the house tonight and remembered some of the things that I will only be able to see in my mind, and not replay as I walk through the rooms where they happened. They are not mine now.

Here are some really poor pictures I took with my phone (it was all I had with me tonight). I'd like to take a you on a tour of my empty living room, and a few other places...

Just a couple of days before we could officially moved in, we were having a little daddy daughter time. Edyn was almost 2 and a half. We got McDonalds, a dad's healthy lunch option, of course. There was no furiture, so we sat in the middle of the living room floor, eating Chicken Nuggets together. Edyn ran circles around me, laughed and would come back when she was hungry. A big grin on her face, her Pink and Red sun dress waved from side to side as she without knowing caused her daddy for the first time not just to feel the love he had always felt for her, but a freindship. He knew she loved him back. And now the living room is empty.

The laundry room is empty...I used to come home to find Edyn playing with usually Tio. She loves her Tio. When I would come in, for quite some time, she would run away, mullet waving back and forth, and yell, while waving her hand toward herself "daddy, ven" "daddy, ven". I would follow her into the laundry room, where she would beg me to close the door and we would sit by the dryer. I never quite figured out what she wanted to accomplish sitting there in the laundry room, but I'll tell myself she just wanted some time alone with daddy. I miss her mullet, and now the laundry room is empty.

I mentioned that Edyn loves her Tio. I should also mention that she loves her Tia too. When they lived downstairs she always wanted to go play with them. Her favorite thing to do? Run in and out of her "Fhort". Heavy on the "h" sound in there for some reason, and a long hard "t" at the end. You may notice the closet rods in this picture. It was Tio's under the stairs closet he made for himself. There are no longer clothes there, but what remains is the little light he put there for her. It was so dark behind all the clothes, but she knew right where to go to turn it on and a simple closet became a magical place. I sometimes was invited in too.

I started with "It snowed tonight" and it did. It wasn't much, but as I looked out onto the deck, I could remember the last time we had a little good snow. The deck was a perfect place to start a ramp down into the snow. Sleds and mittens, and boots, and caps... last year we made our first snowman together. On her hands and knees Edyn helped me roll up three balls of snow and Frosty came alive!

Now Ava is two, and almost three.
No offense to mommy,
but I'm not sure there is anyone she loves more than me!
I'm looking at my babies both alseep in bed,
I'll probly lay down with them, one at my feet, the other near my head.
Not in such a hurry anymore.
I'm gonna miss that place.
Day after tomorrow it won't be my place.

Libbie often says I remember too many things that don't matter. I'm glad tonight I could remember some that really do.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Girls Getaway

I just got back from the best over night shopping trip ever, with some awesome girls! No kid allowed.
I think girls get aways should be a mandatory thing. I am always so refreshed when I get a break from the kids. Its so nice to laugh your brains out with other ladies, eat out at yummy restaurants, get tons of loot, not have to worry about little ones waking you up at 6 am . . . but best of all . . . .. snuggling with Nicollette all night long. Brings back memories of Ricks College days. I am one spoiled rotten girl!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Let Me Tell You About . . . . . .

Ava . . . . . .AKA . . . the craziest little nina on earth.

This is what you can find her doing on any given day.

*Throwing a major fit. She prefers to do this ONLY in public places. Never at home . . . public is much more fun.
*Eating paper, any kind will do, but she prefers coloring books.
*Picking her nose so hardcore it bleeds.
*Eating every ouce of chapstick she can find. Cherry is her favorite.
*Climing on every counter, looking in every cabinet in search for gum, or candy, two things which are now outlawed in the Fairchild home.
*Helping herself to my toiletries. She prefers to put gobs of lotion on her newly washed hair so I get to wash it again.
*Singing every High School Musical 2, or Hannah Montana song at the top of her lungs, and yes, she knows EVERY word!
*Coloring on my walls or my office couch, luckily it is micro fiber and can be removed. (Pens are also outlawed at the Fairchild home.)
*Refusing to have her picture taken, and if she does allow it, you can guarantee it is not a good one. (These photos were from our last attempt . . . the best we have gotten in the last years!)
*Tormenting Edyn with words, or actions. She prefers pinching, kicking, and calling all sorts of names. . . . her favorite being "Butt Stink" (I am not quite sure where she got that one.)

The list could go on and on. Sometimes I think this little girl is a boy in disguise. She is so full of energy, and just NEVER STOPS. The comments I get when I go out in Public with her sometimes make me chuckle, and sometimes make me want to punch someone in the face. Here are some of them:

*"Oh . . . it MUST be nap time."
*"Don't worry, it gets better."
*"Just wait, it only gets worse."
*"Wow, You've sure got you hands full with that little one."
*"HOW OLD is SHE?"
"Oh . . . she just wants some candy." (You don't reward kids for throwing fits . . . DUH)

I'll tell you what though, this little girl sure has me and her daddy wrapped around her finger. She sure can be crazy, but those huge blue eyes and white hair (what little there is of it) just melt me. She is hilarious. I could not imagine my life without her. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that our next girl is a little more mellow!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Cut

Edyn actually asked me if we could cut her hair. Not only did she not like it when it was wet and touched her shirt, she also didn't appreciate the fights we had every morning trying to get the rats nest brushed out! I was all for the big cut! We went to my sister in law who did a fab job. FYI . . . .she did her own makeup in these pictures, and yes, I let her out in public like this . . . sometimes, its just worth keeping the peace. Girls!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Boy

Big Daddy turned 30 this weekend. We did not mess around in the celebrating department! We decided to make it a two night event. Friday, a bunch of fellow Lions (ROAR) went to dinner at a favorite high school hot spot . . . . the one and only Cedars. It was a blast. Yes we forgive you Hatch, Mitchell, Peterson, and Springen for not being able to come, but . . . . . . . Don't worry, Brad has put me in charge of the party planning commitee (just call me Angela . . . . hee hee . . . for those of you The Office fans), and I am supposedly planning another Class of 96 Kix reunion soon, where all can attend. This time Brad is buying . . . only kidding . . . . I think Mariah actaully volunteered for that!
Unfortunatley our camera was not working at Cedars, so the only picture that turned out was the one taken on Damon's phone, but it is going to have to do! Thanks for celebrating with us. We sure do love our friends!

Saturday, the big day, was a very busy day, but we managed to pull out another extravaganza at Outback. My sisters Mamie and Bekie, brother in law Brett, Nancie and Mitch joined in the fun. I don't think I have laughed that hard in ages. I just have to give a shout out for the Strawberry Daquari's (Virgin, of course!) at this joint . . . . they are pretty much the reason we go there. Or maybe it is the real whipped cream on top that I love the most! The highlight of the night was that we were all forutnate enough to see the most amazing picture of MEEEEEEEEATCH as Nacho Libre. . . . please let me blow this one up guys . . . . it makes me so happy!

Happy Birthday Damon! I LOVE YOU! You are definitley the best husband I have ever had!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


At the end of August we always have the Benton Franklin County Fair. What a treat. Every year we swear we are not going next year, and when next year comes around, we are always there! We just can't help it. The fair just draws you in. Maybe its the greasy overpriced food, the smell of fresh manure, the 13 year olds making out with each other, or could it be the classy ladies flirting with the carnies . . . . . . No . . . what brings us back every year is that our kids love it. They love to see the animals, especially my families 4H sheep (my mom's took grand champion this year thank you very much!) They love the cotton candy and they LOVE the rides. So of course on Tuesday night after we spent gobs of money on rides and disgusting food, we said, "Why do we even come here. .. . . . . ." But I can guarantee that we will be back next year, and probably all the years after. Its worth going to see my kids so happy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Losin' It

A lot of times when I go to the store, I pay for my groceries and start pushing my cart to leave. I usually get about 10 or 15 feet when I hear . . . Ummm . . . Mam, do you want to take your groceries with you? Oh . . . yes, silly me.

I pick up my daughter and her friend from preschool a lot of days, and her friend just lives a couple houses down from us. As I get home, Edyn says, Mommy!!!! Your forgot to drop off Jadyn! Oopsie Doopsie. Not again. Turn around, and take Jadyn home.

A while ago, I went to Costco. Just me and Ava, and I purchased some shoes. Came out to the parking lot, and goodness! I couldn't remember where I parked my car! Oops! 20 minutes later, after I had walked up and down every row of cars. I found it. Had no recollection of ever parking there. My sister said to me . . . why didn't you just set your alarm off so you could at least hear where your car is? Oh, DUH! Never thought of that!

On Sunday, I had my outfit all planned out for church. Gray skirt, black shirt, black heels. I went to my closet to get my skirt. NO WHERE to be found. So of course I call my sister and ask is she has borrowed it. Nope. Where is it? I just saw it . . . I SWEAR! So what do I do, I tear everything off the shelves, rip all my skirts off the hangers, (I am running late of course), and STILL . . . . no skirt. So I just give up. I will find something else to wear. I walk out of my closet, and what is laying neatly on my bed . . . . you guessed it, my gray skirt. I had neatly placed it there before I had taken a shower, and just completely forgot. Dang . . . . now I have to clean my closet.

My church is on the same road as my bank. Lately, when I am going to church, I end up at the bank, and when I am going to the bank, I end up at church. AHHHH!

Then there was the stop sign I completley ran the other day. No cops around. Phew. Luckily no one was killed.

Today I went to the store SPECIFICALLY for salad makings. I got everything I needed and headed home. As I went to make myself the most delicious salad, OOPS. I forgot the lettuce! I have everything else just not the main ingredient. DANG. Now I have to go back to the store. Forget it. I will have a salad tomorrow.

This list could go on for ages. I am Losing it! Big time. Sometimes I think its cause I am getting older. I am almost 30 you know. And sometimes I just go ahead and self diagnos me with early alzheimers. And then I remember. OH YEAH. I AM PREGNANT. Thats whey I am so DUMB. I am in big trouble too, cause each kid I have had, I get dumber every time. Its like they suck every last brain cell out of me. This should probably be my last kid. . . . cause I don't have too many more to spare.

So now you all know. Usually I keep it a secret well into the second trimester. But I am too sick and too tired to care if the whole world knows. I am about 12 weeks. Things are looking up though, cause I have had a really good week of no naussea. Just tired. Damon wants a boy so bad. I think it is a boy, cause I have never been so angry in my life. Whatever happens, DO NOT CROSS ME. You might get your head ripped off. Me, I want another girl. I just love girls. Edyn thinks we should name her Hannah Montana, or Lava Girl. I asked her if we could just call her Lava for short. Sure mom. Thats fine. So hopefully its a boy, cause I think Lava would get made fun of a lot.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aloha Oe

Well . . . . this day has been pretty rough . . . . actually the correct word would be DEVASTATING. Tanisha and Phil left for New Zealand today to live there permanently. It seems as though I can't stop the tears. I never knew I had so many . . . Not much of a crier here, but apparently I am today. I knew this was coming for quite some time, but was just holding on to hope that for some reason they would stay! Dangit! No such luck.
I love my Nish with all my heart. We have such a history. She came to live with our family when we were 16 years old and we have been inseperable ever since. Through high school, college, married life, babies . . . You just don't find amazing friends/sisters like this every day. I have been so blessed to have her. Through thick and thin (literally!), I have always been able to count on her. And Phil, Uncle Phil, what an amazing guy. My kids are absolutley in love with this big Tongan Teddy Bear. I just love and respect him so much. They are already so confused . . . . wondereing where they are!
For the last 10 months or so Nish and Phil have lived with us and what a treat it has been. I was going through the list in my head of things I am actaually going to have to do today . . . . .for example: watch my own kids, clean my own house, take the garbage out, mow my own lawn, make dinner, entertain myself . . . this list goes on. I can never thank them enough for helping me out so much. I had to take my kids to the store today, and it got quite ugly. Edyn sure has a set of pipes on her when she doesn't get what she wants. I can't just say, Hey Nish, I am going to Walmart, can you watch my kids for a minute! Nope, I am gonna have to step it up in the mother department.
On a positive note, I may lose a few pounds, because I can no longer go down and ask Phil if they have any special treats to share with me . . . like ding dongs, chocolate covered peaunuts, cookies, etc.
I know with time it will get easier to adjust to them being gone, but for now, I am going to go cry myself to sleep and hope that they make it to New Zealand with out Richy Boy going too crazy. And I have already started my New Zealand fund. We will be going in a year and a half, not this Christmas, but next. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


GIRL! I am not quite sure if its the lack of hair, or the spider man underwear her daddy purchased for her that throws people off!

But really . . . . . when you are in public and you see a little kid who you can't tell if they are a boy or a girl . . . Don't you just say, "Oh what a cute kid you have, or what a sweet baby!" Thats what I do! Just to be safe.

I can deck this girl out in pink, with a dress on and a berrett in her hair, and people still call her a boy all the time! "Oh, HE is soooooo cute!" I just reply, "Yes, yes she is, isn't she!" Although she has come a long way in the hair department, I am so looking forward to the day when she really has some and I can put it in cute pony tails and ribbons so there shouls be no confusion! Maybe by her third birthday! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Mom

Yes . . . That's me! Yesterday while I was busy ignoring my children . . . . . yes . . . . I was blogging . . . . I came out of the office to find that Ava had dumped a whole box of cereal out all over the counter and the floor. She managed to pick out and eat every last marshmellow (I don't blame her . . . I would have done the same thing if I were two and had no supervision)! In the meantime, Edyn is playing with scissors! (Fortunatley she still has all of her hair). Of course I had to take a picture before I intervened! I am thinking I need to shape up in the mom area. . . . just a bit!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tiny Dancers

Edyn had her ballet recital last night. It was raining and cold, and she had a slight wardrobe malfunction with one of her slippers, but she managed to do amazing anyway. I think she was born to be on stage. She was smiling the whole time. She loves it. And me . . . . I love tiny ballerinas!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

San Antonio

A while back a couple of my sisters, my mom, and my sister in law went for a girls trip to San Antonio for my grandma's birthday. What a blast! I think we might have had a little too much fun and just might have worn Grandma out just a little bit! Swimming, eating, sightseeing, more eating, and laughing our brains out. Grandma was such a good sport and did the hula in front of the whole restaurant. I am not quite sure I could have done that! I love you Grandma! We are definitly going to do this again!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Project: Fairchild Cinemas

These last couple of months have been the busiest of my entire life! I have had so much going on . . . I have no idea how I have made it through! One of the biggest projects has been Fairchild Cinemas . . . (No relation, just a great last name)! Our friends from church just opened up a 12 screen theater in Pasco, Washington (It's much nicer that Wallace all you Seasiders!)

My sister Mamie and I were recruited to pleat and hang all the fabric on the walls of these 12 theaters! What a huge job this turned out to be. It was supposed to last only about three weeks, but things came up, like not enough fabric, wrong color of fabric, working around other sub-contractors, about five other projects we had going on at the same time, Oh . . . and kids who desperately needed their mommies. So it ended up being about a two month process. . . But we are done, and the theater is open for business.

From this project, I can now say I have no fear of heights. I was pretty much running up the 30 foot ladder by the end. Probably could have done a back flip off if I wanted to, but I didn't want any of the boys to be jealous of my stunts! Actually, I told my sister that at the beginning I was so afraid to go up the ladder, but by the end I was wishing I would fall off and hurt myself just enough that I woulnd't have to go back! Now looking back, I don't think it was all that bad. It was my kids who suffered most. I hate being gone. I am just so grateful for Auntie Nish, who I owe my next child for all the hours of babysitting she has put in for me! What an angel!

So . . .2,500 yards of fabric, and about 80,000 staples later, I can check one project off my list! And hopefully enjoy free movies for the rest of my life!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


I have AMAZING sisters. I am so dang lucky that I have so many of them too! My sisters are my best friends. I can always count on them. I have been fortunate enough to have all my sisters except one live in Kennewick for the past couple years. It has been so much fun. We LOVE to have girls night, girls weekends, do projects, watch each others kids, trade furniture, decorate . . . . I am so sad that Emily and Mamie will both be moving to California in the next couple months, and Nish will be moving to New Zealand. I'm happy that Gretchen has moved from Mesa, AZ to Nampa, ID! Much closer! I guess now I will have plenty of places to visit. It will keep me very busy!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Maybe Closer is Better???

My Ava never watches TV. In fact, I can't get her to sit still for more than a minute. I always say she is my boy! Always getting into things, climbing on tables and counters, getting stuck in my bathroom sink, breaking things, bullying her sister . . . . I came into the living room the other day and saw this. I have never laughed so hard. I did take a break from laughing to take a few pictures. This must have been a really good show, because she was oblivious to the fact that I was even taking her picture
. . . something that she rarely lets me do! Funny Kid.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Princess is 4!

Edyn turned four on March 3! She has been counting down the days for about six months now! It is hard to explain to her what years, months, weeks, and days are . . . But finally the big day came.

Damon took Edyn and her little friend Anique to go get pedicures. They had a blast. Damon was a great sport . . . . as he came back with pink toe nails with flowers on them!

We had a princess party in the afternoon. Everyone who came was supposed to dress up! We had a few party poopers, but for the most part, everyone there was in royal attire! My beautiful princess ensemble was compliments of the local goodwill. Damon's ensemble came from the Stake Dance Festival costume box. I think that hot pink is a great color on Prince Damon, and it also went great with his pink toe nails! I love this man! He is just wonderful! He LOVES his girls . . . . . .

Edyn got lots of good presents. Movies, stickers, dress ups, money, candy . . . . She was having a blast opening them. Damon and I got her office supplies . . . . seeing as how she has went thru two reams of our paper, about four rolls of tape and numerous envelopes in the past few months. Now she has her own ream, tape and evelopes. I am sure I will have many new pictures taped to my walls. Yep! Thats what she does with them. Any empty space she can find must be decorated with Edyn art! It's quite amusing . . . until I have to get it all off my walls.

Happy Birthday Edyn!