Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random: Part 2

First off, I am a HUGE Glenn Beck fan. Damon and I ended up getting this book for eachother for Christmas . . .therefore, we have two copies. (Great minds think alike)! So funny, so true, and so entertaining. I think it should be required reading! Check it out . . . . .(if you haven't already)!

Next, we just moved into a cute little cozy apartment. I will post pictures when I get it all put together. I am pretty sure our neighbors hate us already. My girls are LOUD LOUD LOUD! Singing at the top of their lungs, screaming when they don't get their way . . . which is a lot, because it seems like they are always throwing fits or something like that! I am going to have to go door to door and apologize right now before I make myself some enemies.

I took myself and Edyn to the dentist, thinking, Oh my, she shouldn't have any cavities, I brush my girls teeth all the time, and when I am at work, I ask Damon to brush their teeth before they go to bed. Well . . . . . Pretty much like 10 cavities, only on her bottom teeth of course. I guess we are not very good at brushing her teeth as we thought. I was so embarrassed. My pride was hurting all day, and the next day, and the next. Of course I had to call some friends for moral support, as I wanted to cry because my poor baby was going to have to suffer thru fillings. Totally our fault, the dentist said (luckily he is our friend, and he could be real straight up with me!) Mine were cavity free, although apparently I take my aggressions out on my gums, as they are starting to recede! "You brush too hard!" he said. This I will have to agree with. Its like I can't get them clean enough! So after 30 years, I think I might be brushing properly! And my baby girls now have a tooth brushing/flossing Nazi for a mom!

So since we just moved, of course I want to do all sorts of cute things to our new pad. I thought I would do Edyn and Ava's room up really cute, Pottery Barnish, you know, straight from the magazine. I guess I am really selfish, because I just want what I want. Too bad what they want is totally opposite. Edyn had her heart set on a High School Musical bed, with a matching pillow with Troy Bolton on it . . . . OH MY! This is not my idea of cute. Let me tell you, it goes really great with Ava's beautiful Neon Hot Pink/Purple sheets with swirls on them that she absolutley loves . . . . I broke down and let them do what they want. Even though it was really, really hard. I am just going to have to keep their bedroom door shut . . . at all times! And I probably won't post any pictures of that room when I get done!

Last, Only four weeks to go . . . and I decided yesterday, after my ranting and raving at the doctors office,(I am getting tired of hearing my own self complain)! that I need to have a better attitude, because after all, I am so fortunate to be pregnant and get to have another little princess . . . . even if I want to pull my hair out. Also I decided that she can stay in my belly as long as she wants, as I have nothing ready, and a whole bunch of things I need to accomplish in the next month. I might change my mind tomorrow though! I'll keep you all posted!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


*I just wanted to say Hip Hip Hooray to TK and Rachel, my favorite couple who won on the Amazing Race tonight. (Just one of my guilty pleasures . . . reality tv.) I just loved those two. So calm and never a mean word out of either of their mouths. Thats the way to do it. They deserved the million bucks.

*I don't really follow whats going on with this whole "writers strike" thing. All I know is that it is affecting this one huge passion I have in life . . . . The Office. Yes, the reruns are still funny, but COME ON . . . . lets get this whole thing over with. Do they not know how I am suffering over here! People . . . Just work it out!

*Edyn rescued from the garbage a set of Tupperware drawers when we moved. She treasures them. No joke. All her most precious stuff is in there, you know the really important things, like old stickers, hair things, loose change that she manages to steal from someone before I can get to it. I bought some hair things for me the other day and put them in with hers. The other night, as we were snuggling, she whispered ever so sincerely in my ear . . . "Mom, I noticed that you put some of your things in the middle drawer of my special drawers. I am going to need you to take it out." Sorry Edyn. I don't want to step on any toes or anything . . . .

*Six weeks to go . . . but who's counting? Certainly not me. I am MISERABLE! I changed my mind about loving being pregnant. I think being an old lady might have something to do with it. I am not sure how my mom had her last baby when she was 43! This 30 year old body can barely handle it. I am pretty sure everyone is getting sick of my complaining too. It appears as though Damon is not even going to get a chance to have a boy! I AM DONE FOR! (Okay, I say that now, but I know the moment I see this little princess, I will be so in love, I will do it again . . .. MAYBE . . . . just one more time)!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

33 Weeks

Only 7 weeks to go!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A White Colorado Christmas

I am finally finding time/energy to post our most wonderful Christmas/Anniversary/New Years trip to Colorado. I guess better late than never!
We were fortunate enough this year to be able to travel down to Colorado to visit our amazing friends Josh and Erika. These guys do NOT MESS AROUND when it comes to celebrating. I knew from the time we booked our flight that we were in for a real treat. And I was right. I have never been so spoiled rotten. We got there on Christmas Eve, and had the most delicious dinner cooked by Josh's dad. Afterwards we went home and opened one present, a pair of pajamas for everyone. Since I basically live in pajamas these days, it worked out great! Then we read the Christmas story from the Scriptures and sang tons of Christmas songs. The kids couldn't get enough.

Christmas Morning was awesome. Josh and Erika spoiled us rotten. These are the kind of people that put a lot of thought into gifts. They will listen all year long, and remember what you talk about and without fail, will remember and put together the most amazing gifts. Me, totally opposite. Scramble at the last minute, what the heck should I do? Oh, I guess a gift card will work . . . . I have got to get better at this! My kids were in love, they have never seen so many presents. After this, we went over to the Hammonds, Erika's parents, and were once again spoiled rotten. I am still at a loss for words. I can never thank this family enough for making this Christmas so fun and special. We just do not get this kind of attention around here!

Christmas Night, Erika made the most amazing 5 course dinner. Ummmmmm . . . I am one of those people who has to ask what fork to use . . . . . . It was beautiful. I have got to take some etiquette lessons one of these days in my spare time.

The rest of the week was filled with fun. We went to tons of fun places and played a lot. Its so fun to visit big cities where there is tons to do. Kennewick can get pretty dull at times. Lots of good food, swimming, and video games. The Wii was quite popular, until Erika continued to demolish Damon and Josh in Wii bowling, and they just couldn't take it. Sorry guys, sometimes you just have to admit defeat. I pretty much sat on my ever expanding bum and watched the whole time, as I am not a real fan of video games. Maybe its just that I am no good.

We share the same anniversary. December 29. Damon and I have been married for 8 years. Crazy. Josh and Erika 6. They took us to Downtown Denver for the night. I cannot thank Erika's mom enough for watching all four kids overnight, so we could enjoy a night out. How awesome is that? Josh got us a hotel room and we went to see White Christmas. It was so fun. We went out to a great dinner at this great restuarant called Vesta. Who knew I would like duck, or buffalo. Sorry Josh, your venison, I just couldn't get into it! We also did some walking in the very freezing Denver Cold. (I am sure that helped speed up the INFLUENZA I had the next day)!

The next day, as I said, I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe and tried my hardest not to cough up a lung. I felt like some one had beat me to near death. Apparently this is the flu . . . no . . . not a stomach virus. The real flu. Dang. It was awful. Pretty much took me out for the rest of the trip. I guess it just wouldn't be right if I didn't get severely ill when we were together. ( I will spare you the details of the summertime when Josh and Erika came and I laid on the floor dying for three days.) Needless to say, I was not much of a party animal on New Years Eve, Although I would have to say, it was still a really fun Pajama party. There are a lot of really fun people who live around Josh and Erika.

New Years Day we headed home and I have been recovering for the last week, of course there has been a lot of feeling sorry for myself involved. I do really well at that! I would never wish the flu on anyone. Maybe next year I will go ahead and get the flu shot I neglected to get this year!

Thank you Saunders for the amazing time. Thank you MoMo and Pappy for all you did for us. We love you guys. We can't wait for our next Denver Trip!
Here are just a few pictures from the trip.
Warning!!!! Libbie is not a cute pregnant chick. (Very chubby, bloated and swollen.)