Monday, October 29, 2007

Let Me Tell You About . . . . . .

Ava . . . . . .AKA . . . the craziest little nina on earth.

This is what you can find her doing on any given day.

*Throwing a major fit. She prefers to do this ONLY in public places. Never at home . . . public is much more fun.
*Eating paper, any kind will do, but she prefers coloring books.
*Picking her nose so hardcore it bleeds.
*Eating every ouce of chapstick she can find. Cherry is her favorite.
*Climing on every counter, looking in every cabinet in search for gum, or candy, two things which are now outlawed in the Fairchild home.
*Helping herself to my toiletries. She prefers to put gobs of lotion on her newly washed hair so I get to wash it again.
*Singing every High School Musical 2, or Hannah Montana song at the top of her lungs, and yes, she knows EVERY word!
*Coloring on my walls or my office couch, luckily it is micro fiber and can be removed. (Pens are also outlawed at the Fairchild home.)
*Refusing to have her picture taken, and if she does allow it, you can guarantee it is not a good one. (These photos were from our last attempt . . . the best we have gotten in the last years!)
*Tormenting Edyn with words, or actions. She prefers pinching, kicking, and calling all sorts of names. . . . her favorite being "Butt Stink" (I am not quite sure where she got that one.)

The list could go on and on. Sometimes I think this little girl is a boy in disguise. She is so full of energy, and just NEVER STOPS. The comments I get when I go out in Public with her sometimes make me chuckle, and sometimes make me want to punch someone in the face. Here are some of them:

*"Oh . . . it MUST be nap time."
*"Don't worry, it gets better."
*"Just wait, it only gets worse."
*"Wow, You've sure got you hands full with that little one."
*"HOW OLD is SHE?"
"Oh . . . she just wants some candy." (You don't reward kids for throwing fits . . . DUH)

I'll tell you what though, this little girl sure has me and her daddy wrapped around her finger. She sure can be crazy, but those huge blue eyes and white hair (what little there is of it) just melt me. She is hilarious. I could not imagine my life without her. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that our next girl is a little more mellow!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Cut

Edyn actually asked me if we could cut her hair. Not only did she not like it when it was wet and touched her shirt, she also didn't appreciate the fights we had every morning trying to get the rats nest brushed out! I was all for the big cut! We went to my sister in law who did a fab job. FYI . . . .she did her own makeup in these pictures, and yes, I let her out in public like this . . . sometimes, its just worth keeping the peace. Girls!