Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things That are Awesome: Part III


What is so awesome about Halloween?
It's over. That's what.

I hate Halloween. Yah, its fun to dress my family up, but it is my least favorite holiday (sorry Erika). The reason? I love candy. And I have no self control. That is almost a lethal combination. This year I donated all but a small bowl of it to our Bishop's office. Sorry kids. Your mom sucks. But you are so very precious and pretty and you will thank me someday.

My New Job

I know I said I wasn't going to work. I made it 8 months. Its the longest break I've had from working since I was 15. But I like money. And I like to be busy. This job is perfect, because I can work from home, and it just happens to be something I am pretty good at. I work for one of the biggest wedding photography studios on the island. Visionari. They are amazing at what they do. I edit Japanese weddings. FYI . . . . Japanese people love to get married in Hawaii. So there is an abundance of work. Like I said. Perfect job. And I get to look at pretty little Japanese brides all day/night who have flawless skin, along with their Japanese husbands all have better hair than me. Awesome.


I'm still training. I might not be very fast. But I can run far. I've never been in better shape. It's unfortunate my thighs don't show it. Whatevs.
Some things I've learned during all this pavement pounding. . . . . . .

1. Never buy white sports bras. 2. Spandex are amazing. Even on girls with saddlebags. 3. It's okay to talk about poo with your running partners. But only while running. Any other time it's strictly prohibited. 4. I can do really hard things.

3 more weeks, and I'm gonna slay this beast. It's going to be awesome is when this is all over. And what's even more awesome, is that I am going to keep running. Even though I swear I am not. Because everyone needs a complainer in their running club.
(you're welcome Tricia and Shirlyn).

Naughty Lila

You might be wondering why I think Lila being naughty is awesome. I don't. She is hands down my hardest kid. Since birth, she has a very strong personality. Very stubborn and vocal about whatever she is feeling. (Yes I know . . . she gets that from me). So after some troubles at preschool, I think I am finally understanding what works for her and what doesn't. We are really focusing on making good choices. She has consequences when she makes poor choices. And I follow through. (lets just say she HATES naps, and missing out on fun things her sisters get to do). I will not allow her to manipulate me anymore. I figure if I can channel her stubbornness in the right direction now . . . than her strong personality will hopefully be a good thing for her in the long run. So far so good. After some hard work on my part, she has been so much better. I love her to pieces, but this three year old does not run the dad-gum show. I do.
And that's awesome.

My Glass is now Half Full

My husband tells me sometimes I am too negative. I view it more as being realistic. It's just how I roll. I get stressed out about things I have no control over, or I am really hard on myself because I know I could be doing better. I've been trying to focus and being more positive and enjoying being in the moment. Instead of always wishing time away or wondering where I am going to be in 5 years, I am just trying to slow down and enjoy life. Its too short to be so high strung and worried all the time. Come to find out . . . its actually quite nice. I'm pretty much loving my life right now. I miss my sisters and my mainland girls so very much. But I have made some amazing friends over here. I love how beautiful it is. I realize how fortunate I am to live in such a wonderful place with my little family. Life is good. And that . . . my friends, is awesome.