Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sweet Edyn turned 10 today. We've been celebrating for the last three days . . .  because when you're a Fairchild, your life is always a party.  

Friday's party was at the bowling alley, although it didn't include much bowling. What 10 year old wants to bowl when you have a jukebox, One Direction, and plenty of room to dance?

Edyn is always pretty . . . . even when she first wakes up.

 Four Birthday Girls. Edyn, Lila, Gracie, and Tricia.

Tonight's party included many wonderful friends, burned cake (I suck), delicious ice cream, one hepatitis free birthday crown (I ran it through the dishwasher), and plenty of noise to piss off our downstairs neighbor who doesn't know how to have fun. Perfection. 

Happy Birthday Edyn . . . . We Love you SO MUCH!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet baby Tootsies!

Lila has been asking for years to get her ears pierced, knowing the agony it would include. At age five, I figured she was woman enough for the task.

 I was right. All she needed was a sucker for those tears to stop.

Edyn and Ava decorated for the occasion.

We spent her special day" Chiwli's" which is apparently every 5 year old girls dream. 
The day wasn't even ruined when she dropped the famous birthday crown into the toilet. Me, being the amazing mom I am, went ahead and fished it out. We'll just put the hepatitis infested thing, along with my hand into the dishwasher so it will be ready for the next birthday girl tomorrow. 

Happy 5th Birthday Lila!
We love you so much!