Friday, May 15, 2009


Four years ago today, May 15, 2005

at 5:30 pm

Ava Allene

aka . . . "Bayba" was born!
(I know....... her cheeks were, and are still absolutely amazing)!

Ava is my number 2 little lady. Many of you know her, and if you don't, you are TRULY missing out . . . . as she is definitely ONE OF A KIND!

*She was by far our best baby. Great sleeper, great sucker, mellow, laid back. . . . (gone are those days)!
*Ava is our "spirited" child
*she loves to sing
*she is one SASSY broad (i am certain she inherited that trait from her daddy)
*she loves her sisters
*she loves her friends
*loves Ms. Beckner (her preschool teacher)
*loves Sister Wilder (her Sunday School teacher)
*loves her aunts and uncles
*she loves the stage, and is constantly serenading us.
*she has one volume . . . LOUD
*she is very determined
*wants to "do the drums" when she grows up, as well as working at the studio (like mother like daughter)

Words cannot describe how much I love this little Bayba.

Happy Birthday to Bayba..... Babalicious.......Cutie Sweetie....... BaybaLoo!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Precious

Many of you are aware of the very unfortunate event that occurred in my life not too long ago. I lost my wedding ring. I cannot even begin to describe the panic that I felt as I went to put it on one day, and it was nowhere to be found.

I will admit, it was 100% my fault. I have been careless with it and I can't believe this is the first time that it has gone missing. I tend to take it off a lot, you know, to wash and lotion hands. Also, I am pretty much in sweats every day and for some reason, I feel like it is unacceptable for me to wear my gorgeous ring unless I am wearing real clothes, and I have my hair done (a rare occasion). I'm weird, I know. We've already established that.

To my credit, when I do take it off and 99% of the time I put it in 1 of 2 places. The kitchen window seal or my bathroom drawer.

So I went to put it on, and like I said, NOWHERE. My heart sunk. Of course the first thing I did was ask my kids. They have been threatened to NEVER play with Mommy's ring. I am pretty scary, so they usually listen, especially when they know I mean business. After looking everywhere I could think of, I had to get going, as I was on my way out the door, so I decided to continue my search later, but I was crying on the inside. For reals. Damon sold his car so he could buy me that ring. He flew all the way to Hawaii when I was in college and proposed to me on Sunset Beach with that ring. It means the world to me.

Days later . . . . no ring. I was secretly hoping Damon had taken it and was doing the upgrades I am going to do for my prize when I reach my goal weight. (No, haven't reached it yet, still working on that, but I thought he just might be surprising me for Mother's Day). I knew deep down that he wouldn't do that though, because I would kill him for spending that kind of money without me knowing . . . . but still, I was holding out hope.

Today, while getting ready, I was especially sad, because I always wear it to church. I decided to look some more. No luck. I had pretty much given up. I know Damon is so disappointed, but would NEVER make me feel bad or guilty.

So I get to church (late of course, that's how I roll). I usually sit in the back. That's what happens when you have three small children. My sister Mamie happens to be in the back row too. She has this look on her face. She tells me she has a surprise for me, and points to her hand. I look down and SHE. IS. WEARING. MY. RING!!!!!!!!!

You are NEVER going to believe where it was .. . . . . . IN HER NEIGHBORS Jan's YARD! What the HECK???? Then it all started coming back to me. We went to dinner at Mamie's two Sunday's ago. I must have taken it off (like usual) and put it on her counter while preparing food, and totally forgot about it. One of our little darlings (my best guess would be Ava or Evan, but both deny it) must have been playing with it and thrown it in Jan's yard as to not get caught.

I was SO HAPPY, yet SO UPSET at the same time. Happy that I had my ring back, but upset that I have been so careless, and that I might not have ever seen my ring again if Jan hadn't have been pulling weeds in that ONE LITTLE SPOT and looked down and saw something shiny. Phew. Someone is looking out for me.

Never again will I be so careless with (best Gollum voice here) MY PRECIOUS.

I think I will bake Jan some cookies. . . . oh wait, I don't have that kind of self control. I think I will BUY Jan some cookies.

Welcome back Beautiful . . . . I missed you.