Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We did Thanksgiving Hawaii style this year. That means we cooked our turkey in this . . . . .

 . . . . Imu made by the studs of Wahiawa 3rd.

 And there Ava was . . .  minding her own business, nowhere close to the fire, when all of the sudden, a fire hot rock flew out of the fire and hit her in the arm.  So we peaced out to seek medical attention at Dr. Cox's house (it really comes in handy to have Dr. friends) leaving our little turkey #42 behind to have a sleepover in this pit of danger. 

I asked Bishop if we could take a year off paying our tithing for the pain and suffering its caused us so far. He said, "sure . . . take two."  I have theeeeeee best Bishop ever. But then I remembered he wasn't being serious, and neither was I, and I like blessings, and helping poor people and what not . . . . . so pay tithing I will.

All I know, is that under this white thingy, are some wet burlap bags, all sorts of leaves, some really hot rocks (minus one little bastard that attacked my baby) and lots and lots of turkeys that would be cooking all night long. Sort of like a turkey sauna.

Damon picked up little guy the next morning. He was delish . . . meat falling right off the bone.  This needs to happen for us every year. I just adore my Wahiawa 3rd. Best. Ward. Ever.

While I slaved away making boxed stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy bought from Costco, and continuing to be amazed by my culinary skills, our little K-mart tree was being assembled by Team Fairchild.

In Hawaii, we all have little houses.  I'm not complaining, because they are little houses in paradise. Its just hard to have get togethers due to lack of space, but we somehow manage.  Shirlyn really outdid herself.  Luckily it was at her house, cause at mine you get to sit on the floor and eat off paper plates. 

And on Black Friday, while all you crazies were out being crazy risking your lives and your dignity for a bargain, I was laying on my Big A underneath these . . . . 

 Until this happened. . . . . .


You are cordially invited to come have Thanksgiving 2013 with us in Hawaii.
Hotel Fairchild sleeps 10 comfortably.
I can't promise good food. You do have a chance of running into a flash flood (see above picture) or perhpas a tsunami warning. You are not allowed to turn on the AC unless you want to pay my utility bill, HOWEVER, I can offer you good company and a really really warm place to rest your weary head after spending your days in a tropical paradise.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I never expected something like this to happen to our family. Not like this anyway . . . . losing a loved one, so tragically, and at such a young age.  I am still having a hard time believing McQuen is not on this earth with us anymore.

The last week and a half I have felt so much grief over losing a nephew, and heartbreak for my sister and her family for losing a son and a brother. I am positive that there are many sad times ahead for all of us who lost such a wonderful young man, but I have also felt peace in knowing that this life is not the end. I know that McQuen is in a wonderful place. I know that we will see him again.

While we are all trying to make sense of his death, it has really got me thinking about what is most important in life. I believe that is relationships. I need to spend my time and and energy being kind, giving more hugs, saying I love you, saying I'm sorry, being an example, serving others, laughing harder, not taking offense, creating memories, taking more pictures, making more phone calls, having more fun, and just plain enjoying life, because you just never what day might be your last.

I love you Q!

What an honor it is to be an Auntie to such a wonderful young man who brought so much joy to his family and friends.  

I hesitated sharing such precious photos of his funeral, but it was such a beautiful service and brought so much peace.  I have never met anyone more excited to serve their country than McQuen. I am so grateful that he got to fulfill his dream of becoming a United States Marine, if only for a short time.  I can't thank the Marines enough for the wonderful job they have done helping my sister and her family during this very difficult time, planning his services, showing so much compassion and being so kind and considerate.  Just another reason to love this great country and the brave men and women who serve so selflessly.   

God Bless the Patriot Guard! Wonderful Men and Women who I admire so much.