Saturday, September 29, 2012


Someone special turned 35 today.  And because I am not the wife of the week, and have been so busy working my tail off, I planned absolutely nothing.

Luckily, Ava made him breakfast in bed. Honey Bunches of Oats with some Peanut Butter/Banana sandwich for dessert.

And he did get to lay on our "comfortable as cardboard" couch an watch some football for about 10 minutes.

 He also got to work and watch "Fringe" at the same time. Now that he's 35 he can multitask.  Such a big boy.

And since we are such party animals, we went to Thai for dinner. Damon's choice. I'm sure everyone was enjoying their meals until we (the circus) walked in.  You know . . .  spilling water, breaking plates, getting up and going to the bathroom 50,000 times, kids saying how much they didn't like the food.  Next time, I'm leaving them with Auntie Tricia. 

We ended the celebration with a little bit of Red Raider football at Aloha Stadium.  I can't say 'Red Raida 4 Life" because I never attended school there, however, I did work there for a year so we are definitely fans.

Happy 35th Birthday Damon.  
You are loved!
(even though I sucked at your birthday this year)