Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Mom

Yes . . . That's me! Yesterday while I was busy ignoring my children . . . . . yes . . . . I was blogging . . . . I came out of the office to find that Ava had dumped a whole box of cereal out all over the counter and the floor. She managed to pick out and eat every last marshmellow (I don't blame her . . . I would have done the same thing if I were two and had no supervision)! In the meantime, Edyn is playing with scissors! (Fortunatley she still has all of her hair). Of course I had to take a picture before I intervened! I am thinking I need to shape up in the mom area. . . . just a bit!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tiny Dancers

Edyn had her ballet recital last night. It was raining and cold, and she had a slight wardrobe malfunction with one of her slippers, but she managed to do amazing anyway. I think she was born to be on stage. She was smiling the whole time. She loves it. And me . . . . I love tiny ballerinas!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

San Antonio

A while back a couple of my sisters, my mom, and my sister in law went for a girls trip to San Antonio for my grandma's birthday. What a blast! I think we might have had a little too much fun and just might have worn Grandma out just a little bit! Swimming, eating, sightseeing, more eating, and laughing our brains out. Grandma was such a good sport and did the hula in front of the whole restaurant. I am not quite sure I could have done that! I love you Grandma! We are definitly going to do this again!