Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Another Special Birthday Girl in our house! Beadsa turned 7 today. We've been hearing about this birthday for quite some time. The paper chain countdown (for about the last year), posters with tally marks, birthday wish-lists . . . . . the girl takes after her aunt Meghan . . . . She LOVES her birthday!

Since she had a big party last year, we decided to keep it simple. A few friends over after school, manicures and pedicures given by yours truly, cupcake decorating (many thanks to Tio and Tia for over-seeing that one), playing outside, eating way too much sugar, hot dogs (Edyn's choice) for dinner, more sugar, lots of great presents, and to top it all off, losing her third tooth! What a day!

Little Evan Man helping make the cupcakes while all the ladies played outside. I think it may have been a little overwhelming for him . . . . all those crazy girls!

We are pretty much party animals.

I want to throw up just looking at these. I sure hope all you parents brushed your kids teeth after I dropped them off!

I'm not nice, and I am for sure not a feet person . . . its just a good way to kill time!

You may notice a few things about this cake. 1. Toots demolished it. 2. Toots bit a huge chunk out of the Seven. 3. Toots chewed up said chunk, and proceeded to spit it back out to the right of the Seven. 4. Toots is gross. 5. No one wanted cake. 6. I ate half the cake when the party was over. But it was the half that didn't have Toots' regurgitated wax on it. I wouldn't go that far. . . . well . . . . maybe I would.

A new bike, scriptures, shirts, barbies, necklaces . . . . . every 7 year olds DREAM!

Again . . . . I'm so glad that Tia Bekie likes to pull teeth. Not something I ever want to do. Ewwww!!

Happy 7th Birthday Beadsa! MOMMY LOVES YOU!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In case you didn't catch that . . . . its Two and Toots together (I am super clever) because "The Toots" turned 2 today.

It was a pretty special day for her. She got to go to her beloved Tia's house where she was allowed to wear her Elmo apron ALL DAY LONG (thanks for that Gabe and Kristie), as well as wear Elmo diapers. You see, we buy pampers from Costco. No Elmo. Tia Bekie has Pamper's Cruisers from Target. Covered in Elmo. Toots knows when she goes to Tia's that she gets to wear "Elmo Burpers." Which only make her frequent trips there more enjoyable.

Dinner was her choice . . . . "chickie nuggies" and "fwies."

And for dessert, Elmo cupcakes (can you see a pattern here? The kid is a little obsessed with the furry red little dude) . . . . . I stole the idea from my sister, who stole the idea from her sister-in- law. Being the domestic goddess that I am, I went ahead and gave Tia Bekie that task. She performed it quite well.

Guess what I am smelling in the bottom picture? Lucky Me!

All in all, it was a dream come true for a 2 year old.

I love you Lila
Toots . . . Tooters . . .Tooties . . . . .
and more recently known as Gary.

Happy Birthday!
You are so precious. I can't imagine life without you.
P.S. I hope that by your third birthday you sleep through the night . . . . . In your own bed.