Sunday, July 5, 2009


There are many things I cherish in life, two of those being freedom and family. We just had a great weekend celebrating both.

I am so grateful for the many men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. I have three brothers (two who are in Iraq as we speak) and one brother-in-law in the military. Words cannot explain my gratitude to them for helping to protect our country and preserve our freedom. THANK YOU!

A fun filled Friday at Roaring Springs Water Park. Too busy having fun for pictures. This was the only one I took!

A ginormous Block Party. Over 100 people there. My sister and her husband do this every year. FUN . . . FUN . . . FUN!

Quad rides around the block.

A friendly game of Volleyball. (Not pictured: Brett smashing Bekie in the face ON PURPOSE)!


Big time slip n' slide.

Apparently Lila didn't like said slip n' slide. Notice her death grip on daddy?

Baby Wedgies

Congratulations to Beadsa! She lost her 2nd tooth on July 4th! Her first one was lost on Wednesday night before we left and both of those precious teeth were pulled by Tia Bekie. Thank goodness. There are two things I REFUSE to do as a mother. 1. Pull Teeth (thank you for taking over that responsibility Tia) 2. Teach my kids to drive (thank you in advance Damon, that one has your name written all over it).

Nothing like a neighborhood coming together and lighting off fireworks for over an hour and a half!

Not pictured: Ugly Chin contest. This is something you DO NOT want to miss. I will post those epic pictures at a later date (as soon as my sister relinquishes control of her camera card).

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd . . . once again, some VERY tired little ladies. It made for a peaceful first hour of the 4.5 hour drive home!

Next year, it would be AMAZING if every one of my 14 brothers and sisters could be there. Those of you who couldn't make it this year . . . you were TRULY missed.