Friday, July 22, 2011

Things That are Awesome: Part II

(again . . . when I say awesome . . . that includes people, places or things).

Hawaiian Drivers

Just another reason to love where I live. I don't think there are very many people on this island who even know what road rage is. Drivers are just so laid back. It's awesome. If you need in . . . they'll let you in. If you need over . . . they'll let you over. They are friendly as can be. All you gotta do is throw a Shaka out your window, and pay it forward.

Boise State
Who would have ever guessed, that when Ricky Ticky Thompson gave Damon this shirt all those years ago that he would actually be a Bronco? That's right. . . . . Damon is a Bronco. He is currently working on his MET from Boise State. Awesome.

Expedia DOT COM!
Let me just tell you what an awesome company Expedia is to work for. Expedia is an AWESOME company to work for. Damon loves his job. He is doing excellent and is enjoying his new position. I love that I don't have to work. It took some getting used to, but its really growing on me. If you are coming to Hawaii (any of the islands) and you want a hassle free trip, Damon is the man you want to talk to.

Now that I have an abundance of time, I have decided to start reading again. I'm about 5-10 years behind in fashion. So why not be 5-10 years behind in reading as well. I decided it was time to jump on the wagon and read Harry Potter. All 7 of them within about 2 months. Awesome.
(I think the movies are NOT awesome. I would watch each movie after I read the book. I don't understand how people can really like the movies if they haven't read the books. There is just WAY too much stuff left out).

4th of July

Yes. I usually BBQ spread eagle. I'm super classy.

A beautiful day at Bellows beach with some GREAT friends.

Topped off with a night at Schofield spending way too much money on hot dogs and cotton candy and watching fireworks.

Cousins and Kauai
I LOVE my cousins. Especially when they come to Kauai, and I hop on a plane and spend the weekend with them sans children.
We took a cruise of the NaPali Coastline. On the way back we were fortunate enough to see this amazing rainbow. I managed to put down my barf bag and snap a few shots. Kauai is AMAZING. I might have to move there someday.

Summer Workshops
I'm a big fan of free entertainment. I'm also a big fan of getting out of my house. When I got a paper home from school towards the end of the year with a list of dates for free summer workshops, you better believe I signed up for all of them. Cool people, fun crafts, and good times. The last workshop we made spam musubi. I'm not a big fan, but apparently my kids are. Awesome.

I'm working on making my blog into a book. It's addicting, and quite amusing to go back to when I started and reminisce. I would like to formally apologize for my excessive use of exclamation points in my early blogging years. I must have been really excited back then. I assure you I am WAY less exciting/excited now.