Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Few Things

1. I cut bangs again. I thought I was over them, and had them about half way grown out, but one thing led to another, and here they are. It forces me to do my hair . . . . sometimes. They are a little short, but my hairdresser is amazing and I will forgive her for this one. Give them about a week, maybe two, and they should be okay.

2. Lila and me are BFF for life. She has decided that she WILL NOT drink from a bottle anymore for her daddy while mommy is at work, so we splurged and bought a baby bjorn (I can't believe those things are $80 bucks). So we are inseparable, as I have two ginormous milk filled breasts that she obviously adores. Who wouldn't. I don't blame the girl. She now accompanies me to work every night. And luckily she loves her new baby bjorn. She is just as happy as can be snuggled up to mama.

3. I have fallen off the wagon. I called my little friend Nicole and confessed that I have been cheating on her for the last three days. Yes, I have eaten so much sugar I can't even believe it. But here's my thinking right now. If you are gonna fall off the wagon, you might as well fall hard . . . . . so I just made a huge pan of Rice Krispie treats, and I will be devouring them just as soon as I am done writing this sentence. And then tomorrow, its back on the wagon, because I DO NOT want to give you a pedicure Nicole. I HATE FEET!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Next Time . . . . . .

I like to analyze, you know, try to figure things out. Lots of times I anazlyze myself. I think of why I am the way I am, what I can "fix" or do better. There sure are a lot of areas that could use some fixin. One of the things I notice about myself is that I sure do complain a lot. I annoy my own self with my complaining. (See, now I am complaining about complaining)! It's true. I seem to forget how fortunate I am, and how blessed I have been.

So my goal is to quit complaining so much. I think if I make it public, then I will really have to follow thru. So, here it goes . . . . .

Next time I complain about being pregnant and not going into labor soon enough, I will remember my dear sister, being life flighted to Sacred Heart Medical Center, having an emergency C-Section at 32 weeks because of a placental abruption, losing so much blood that she had to have numerous blood transfusions.

Next time I complain about how tired I am because of lack of sleep at night, I will remember this same sister, whose baby was in the NICU for over 5 weeks, and her constant visits to the hospital to see her baby, who she could only hold for short periods of time. Who would have LOVED to have been as tired as I am with a healthy baby born under normal circumstances, but NEVER complaining and always having a good attitude.

Next time I complain about my sweet little HEALTHY baby crying all the time, I will remember my dear friend who wants a baby so bad, who has had numerous miscarriages, but is so strong, she just keeps trying, all the while, loving my babies, and doing all she can to help me. I will also remember some friends whose baby was born with numerous problems, but their attitude is just amazing. They are so opptimistic. I am so inspired by them.

Next time I complain about having three kids, and "HOW HARD" it is to get things done or go places, I will remember another sister who has six, and does such a great job. She is always loading all of those kids up and taking them with her everywhere. Even on long road trips. I always tell her she is crazy for doing that, but really I think she is so GREAT and so BRAVE!

Next time I complain about my husband being gone all the time, working so much, I will remember another sister. Her husband's job is to be a studly Marine, and has been deployed to Iraq, not once, but twice, being in constant danger, once running over a roadside bomb, and breaking his hand, and many times losing his friends. She is basically raising three kids on her own, working full time, and still finding time to constantly serve others.

Next time I complain about little things that annoy me about my WONDERFUL husband (sorry Flamers), I will remember my sister, (the same one who had the premature baby) whose husband was rushed to Sacred Heart from Pullman (yes, only a mere two weeks after her baby was released, can they just catch a break here or what?), for a serious heart condition he didn't even know he had. His life could have been cut very short. Luckily it wasn't. I can't even imagine going thru life without my Flamers.

Next time I complain about being a little on the chunky side, I will remember how much my husband loves my saggy bum, and dimpled thighs, and for some reason can't keep his hands of my lucious body. I will also remember another sister of mine who is just gorgoeus and so fun, who is getting divorced because of an abusive husband, who treated her like garbage. (I can't wait for our D-Day Celebration)! How lucky I am to be married to a man who has NEVER called me a bad name, or made fun of my body, or anything else about my appearance.

This list could go on and on. I complain way too much. It's time to turn over a new leaf.
Seriously, I have got it SO good.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blessing Day

I know most of my posts are about my baby, but thats pretty much my life right now, so sorry!

We have four new babies in our family all born within 5 weeks of each other. My sisters and I (except for Nish,who lives in NZ, WE MISS YOU!) all blessed our babies last weekend in my parents ward. It was so cool to do it all on the same day.

I promise we didn't all match on purpose!

The Daddies

Silly Boys . . . . .if only they could really breastfeed . . . .