Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I know its hard to believe . . . . but its that time of year again. The day that we celebrate my blessed birth. Its also hard to believe that I am 32, when I don't feel a day past 29.

In honor of my birthday, I went ahead and skipped that whole showering thing, and there was really no sense in dirtying up a perfectly clean outfit when the sweats, dirty white t-shirt, and jacket that I had worn to bed the night before were perfectly acceptable.

I spent the majority of the morning looking for my phone that The Toots stole from my room. No luck. If any of you need to get a hold of me . . . . sorry. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe Santa will bring me a new phone for Christmas.

Seeing as how I had many errands to run, Mamie and I opted to drive around on the ice covered roads. It made for a very nervous diarrhea cramping filled morning..... as I simply did not want to die on my birthday. She was kind enough to treat me to lunch at the lovely Costco diner. By the time we were on our way home, it was just warm enough that only the side roads were treacherous. Phew!

I went ahead and made myself some delicious birthday grub. I had a few of my fans there, Damon and my girls, Mamie and her brood, my brother Brian, Dustin and Charee, and of course Chase. It was what some would call a "fiesta." Of course it included Enchiladas, chips, ice water, some not so good rice, plastic plates (only the best up in here) and to top it all off . . . . . da da DA DA.........

.....my birthday, just wouldn't be my birthday without my favorite lemon blueberry trifle, and me posing in front of it.

Next on the agenda . . . . . the wonderful gifts I was showered with! I'm pretty domestic these days, so naturally I asked for an apron about three months ago for my birthday. Mamie and Damon whipped this up. You will notice it is double sided....... I think I will wear the small dots on the days I am feeling hefty, as the large dots will probably add about 10 pounds . . . .but other than that, you really can't go wrong with either side.

This heater is more awesome than you will ever know. Mamie got it for me, for Team Fairchild to use at our studio. It gets a bit nippy in there right now, but this will clear that problem right up, and Damon will be able to continue taking beautiful portraits and be warm at the same time. I'm sure our clients will appreciate it too!

Of course Erika spoiled me rotten! I cannot explain how much I LOVE this girl. I don't know how I ever got so lucky! I can't wait to wear this sweater and bracelet. D-LISH! Speaking of d-lish . . . . . .
.....did you know these truffles are the most amazing things in the world? They are my favorites. And she knows that. I think this double pack might last me until tomorrow!

If you haven't heard of the Epilogues......you're missing out. I will wear this shirt with pride. Probably every day, because I love them, and it just so happens that I am also a sucker for t-shirts.

All in all .. . . this was a very delightful birthday. I am just tickled pink to be 32.

And now . . . . . .if you are still reading (it seems as though no one is reading my blog anymore . . . . . I really don't blame you, as I have been slacking quite a bit) here are 32 things about me.

1. I think people who don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom are gross, especially if its number two . . . . .. DISGUSTING . . . . . . I would go as far as labeling them a "dirt bag."

2. I have LOTS of gray hair......which is why I am now a fan of dying my hair dark.

3. I amuse myself on a regular basis.

4. I barely played my guitar that I got for my birthday last year. Too busy. But that is going to change . . . . I hope.

5. I don't swear as much as I used to . . . . . out loud anyway.

6. I would rather go on a road trip and drive for two days, then fly. I hate flying.

7. I do not miss my old job. Not even one bit. If I would have known how much I would NOT miss it . . . . . I would have quit YEARS ago.

8. I LOVE my new job. I LOVE to dress up, I LOVE to meet new people, and I LOVE my bosses . . . . .however . . . . as I mentioned before, I will NEVER abandon my love for sweats. NEVER.

9. I LIVE for White Elephant gifts.

10. Many people say their first impression of me is not so good. I don't let it bother me . . . . because the people who have told me that, are all very close friends . . . . . and know how I really am. BUT . . . . I have been working on being more friendly. I kind of get in my own little world and zone out. . . . .and forget to smile, and sometimes . . . I just plain don't have anything to say (I know that might be hard to believe, but its so very true), or forget to say hi. Like I said . . . . I'm working on that!

11. I love Facebook.

12. I LOVE Russell on Survivor. He is a crazy little guy . . . . and I hated him at first . . . but I hope he wins.

13. I haven't worked out since August. Except when I went ahead and ran that half marathon......but I'd rather not talk about that.

14. I like Winter.

15. I think Damon looks WAY sexier driving a truck than a man van.

16. I love working with teenagers. And it just so happens that I do. A lot. They are most entertaining.

17. I do not love working with children. I have NOT the patience. Its hard enough dealing with my own, let alone everyone else's, BUT I am so grateful, for those that DO. I am truly amazed by you!

18. I am going to write a book someday.

19. I tend to follow the rules. For some reason, I've always been aware of consequences in life. It seems that when I follow the rules . . . . good things happen, and when I don't . . . . Not so good . . .therefore . . . I play it safe.

20. If people are tailgating me . . . . I go slower. . . . . because thats what they taught me to do in traffic safety.

21. I've lost 14 pounds since August. I'm guessing its because I've been so busy.

22. I still can't stand Liars . . . . . or Hypocrites.

23. I hate waking up in the morning.

24. I'm having a hard time coming up with 32 things. I think this is the last year I will do this.

25. I have a very special place in my heart for blueberries.

26. I wear mismatching socks most days.

27. I don't like doing crafts . . . . . but I like to watch other people do them.

28. I like to wash dishes, but I hate putting them away.

29. I have learned to ask for help these last few months. Its really hard.

30. When I get nervous, I laugh . . . . . and usually end up with this crazy lisp which doesn't make the stupid things I say sound any better.

31. I am physically and emotionally exhausted most days, but wouldn't trade my life right now for anything. I've got a pretty good one. I've got a talented husband who works hard and continues to adore me, three beautiful little drama queens, the best friends and sisters a girl could ask for, a roof over my head and food to eat (thanks to Mamie) and many . . . . MANY more good things to come.

32. With all my flaws, which are quite abundant, I still like myself. . . . . and I find nothing wrong with that.