Sunday, May 15, 2011


Happy 6th Birthday to my Ava!

We celebrated by swimming for three hours yesterday in the beautiful Hawaii sun in the comfort of our own (sort of) pool!

And today . . . . on her actual birthday, we went ahead and had a feast of her favorite food. Shrimp. Ava loves shrimp. I should just call her Bubba, because her love for the stuff is that Forrest Gumpish.

Her love for Sharpay is quite amazing as well.

Hello Kitty . . . . I try to discourage (I'm sorry if you're Japanese and this offends you), but it was only five bucks. Hours and hours of coloring will keep this six year old busy.

And of course we had to buy (I don't bake) her a princess cake. Safeway it the place.

I love you Baybalicious, Blue Eyed, Crazy Cute 6 year old girl!