Thursday, December 15, 2011


Before we talk about me being 34 . . . let us discuss my 33rd year.
It was a fabulous one . . . . a year I discovered a whole lot about myself.

For example . .. . I learned I could move my family to an island in the middle of the ginormous ocean, and be completely content with living in a little condo with geckos and an occasional cockroach. I learned that I could slow down, and to relax a bit. That I could live in slippas and yoga pants and not care that my frizzy hair looks like pubes and my face is riddled with acne (thank you humidity). After all . . . . It's not my looks that define me. It's my character. Of course I have plenty of room for improvement, something I strive for and I take very seriously (lets face it . . . there's not much I take seriously). I want to be better at so many things. I feel like surrounding myself with positive people who inspire and uplift is the key. I have the the most amazing people in my life who exude goodness. I'm so fortunate.

I learned I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.
Remember this?
Well . . . . I did it. I trained for months with my "Valley Girls". Early mornings, late nights. Lots of sweat. Lots of blisters. Lots of chaffing. The training was awesome. Hitting each milestone was so rewarding and boosted my confidence. The actual marathon was hard. Really hard. I said I wasn't going to do it again. But I was totally joking. I'm AM going to do it again. And probably again and again. Because apparently I am very competitive with my own self. I know I can do better, and push myself harder. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

My 33rd year was awesome.

To celebrate the beginning of my 34th I wanted nothing more than to spend it with my little family doing things that I wanted to do.

I wanted to sleep in. So I did. Until 8. It was glorious.
I wanted to go on a run. Damon came with me. It was fun to chat.
I wanted to go to Walmart. (Some things never change).
I wanted to go to the pool. It never gets old.

Yes . . . . I actually wanted to wash my car on my birthday. It was just that disgusting.

I wanted Taco Bell for dinner. Because I am classy, and we had coupons.

Aaaaaaannnnnnd Yes. I chose Melona Bars over cake, because they are good. Really good.
I had 3.

I suppose I'm pretty easy to please.

Happy 34th Birthday to Me.
The End.