Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Boy

Big Daddy turned 30 this weekend. We did not mess around in the celebrating department! We decided to make it a two night event. Friday, a bunch of fellow Lions (ROAR) went to dinner at a favorite high school hot spot . . . . the one and only Cedars. It was a blast. Yes we forgive you Hatch, Mitchell, Peterson, and Springen for not being able to come, but . . . . . . . Don't worry, Brad has put me in charge of the party planning commitee (just call me Angela . . . . hee hee . . . for those of you The Office fans), and I am supposedly planning another Class of 96 Kix reunion soon, where all can attend. This time Brad is buying . . . only kidding . . . . I think Mariah actaully volunteered for that!
Unfortunatley our camera was not working at Cedars, so the only picture that turned out was the one taken on Damon's phone, but it is going to have to do! Thanks for celebrating with us. We sure do love our friends!

Saturday, the big day, was a very busy day, but we managed to pull out another extravaganza at Outback. My sisters Mamie and Bekie, brother in law Brett, Nancie and Mitch joined in the fun. I don't think I have laughed that hard in ages. I just have to give a shout out for the Strawberry Daquari's (Virgin, of course!) at this joint . . . . they are pretty much the reason we go there. Or maybe it is the real whipped cream on top that I love the most! The highlight of the night was that we were all forutnate enough to see the most amazing picture of MEEEEEEEEATCH as Nacho Libre. . . . please let me blow this one up guys . . . . it makes me so happy!

Happy Birthday Damon! I LOVE YOU! You are definitley the best husband I have ever had!