Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things That are Awesome: Part IV

My Dryer Broke

Not Awesome.
Let me introduce you to my new dryer.
I've been forced to go green.
But guess what?
My utility bill, which is usually around $300-$350 a month, was only $209 this month.
I'm just gonna go ahead and leave my dryer broken.
Good thing I have plenty of sunshine up in here. And I can now support my Choffy habit with my extra $. Now that's what I call winning.



With Josh and Erika.
There is something so great about this picture.
No kids.
Soooooooooo awesome I can't even express it in words.

We stayed in the most amazing places. Kiahuna Plantation for three nights and Wyndham Resort for the next three. We sat and watched whales playing for hours. Awesome.
It was sort of depressing to come home to our dumpy condo.

Probably the most beautiful place on earth, and I am lucky enough to live a 25 minute plane ride away from it.

Damon and Josh took a helicopter ride around the island.
Erika and I wanted to live, so we went shopping and got pedicures instead. We'll just live vicariously through the pictures Damon took.

We did, however, get to see this with our very own eyes. The Napali Coastline.
This picture was taken from the cruise we went on. Captain Andy's Southern Star. If you go to Kauai, this is one thing you MUST do. They are amazing. The staff is exceptional, the catamaran is awesome, we saw tons of whales and dolphins, and the food was great (although we were too sick to eat it on the cruise, but they did bag it up for Erika and I to eat at home).
PS. Please take 2 non drowsy Dramamine an hour before you go. You will not regret it.

Take note of my ginger ale in one hand, and barf bag in the other. The ocean and me just don't go well together. I think this will be my last boat ride along the Napali coast. Good thing I've seen it twice now. It is worth it.

I had to be pushed a couple of times, but zip-lining is fun stuff.

I had fun. I did things that I wouldn't normally do.

Except here. I was being lame watching everyone else play in the waterfall. Because I don't like to be cold. And the water was freezing. And I was wearing a sweet outfit that included aqua sox, and needed to stay in it as long as possible.


Friends who will watch your kids for you while you party for a week on another island. Friends who you trust, so you don't have to worry. Friends who your kids love and feel comfortable with. Friends who will fulfill your little girls surfing dreams and teach them to surf. Friends who will take your kids AND their kids to the water park all day. Thank you so much Uncle Jason, Aunty Tricia, Uncle Deven, and Aunty Shirlyn.
We LOVE you!

We love Donald and Lisa!

They came for four days and we hung out at Malaekahana last Saturday with them. There were tons of people there. We plopped ourselves down where we could find some spare sand. One thing led to another and like usual, Lila was playing with everyone around us. Then Ava joined in. There were some really nice surfer dudes who were playing with them. Lila asked one of the guys to bury them in the sand. He asked me if it was okay. I said, "Do you like how I'm just laying here while you play with my kids?" He laughed and said something about how moms need breaks and he enjoys it. Guess who that guy was? Kelly Slater. Yes. The famous Pro Surfer Kelly Slater. And a bunch of his friends. I didn't ask for picture. I didn't even let on that I knew it was him. He is HOT and he is awesome. He would have to be to put up with Lila for a couple of hours. She tends to be a bit overwhelming.

I might not have a picture of him, but these are his footprints. He was teasing the girls saying he was going to step on them. What a fun guy. I like famous people who are nice.

That's about all the awesomeness I can fit in this post.
Peace out. Happy Sunday.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Kid Rocks

There 's just so much I could say about this little note I found yesterday.
But I'll keep it short and sweet.

Edyn. Is. Awesome.

Don't mess with her. And for sure . . . . don't tell her she thinks she is perfect. Or she will let you have it in a handwritten note (although this dude didn't actually get this note, because I told her she shouldn't be passing notes at school because its inappropriate and her teacher is kind of a witch and she doesn't want to get in trouble, and that she needs to ignore him because the only reason he keeps telling her she thinks she is perfect is because he has a crush on her because she is cute and smart . . . . . . . . but not perfect. Because NO ONE is perfect).

I love a chick who can stand up for herself.
Rock on Edyn.
And its okay if you don't spell things right all the time.
We are picking up what you are putting down.

(I spent the afternoon laughing my arse off over this).I still don't like this mom-edyn