Sunday, December 15, 2013


It's not every day that a girl turns 36. And because of this, I decided to make it a two day celebration.  All I wanted for my special day, was pictures of my little ladies.  So my man went ahead and did that for me yesterday. 

And because I only wanted that one thing, imagine my surprise when I decided to treat myself to a diet cherry pepsi.  Now you might be thinking . . . . diet cherry pepsi is not conducive to building bigger muscles.  You are correct.  However, it was the day before my birthday, and it was right after my second work out. So you will just need to get over it (I did) as it is my first sodie pop in approximately a year. 

Since we are into celebrations, we decided to party with Santa at the ward Christmas party last night.  I asked him for bigger biceps/glutes/delts/quads/boobs.  He told me to go to the gym. 

Now let us talk about today, my actual birthday. Just like yesterday, I will be will be spending it with my family and friends.  They are the most important.  I will not be sitting in front of my computer working. I will not be playing on my phone. I won't be working out, and I won't be stressing out about everything I need to do.
Tonight, I will eat delicious enchiladas that Kenzie will make me. Also cake and ice cream because its my birthday, and a girl needs cake every now and then.

Happy 36th Birthday to Me!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


My Man turned 36 today.  He's a great guy.  So I made him cake AND brownies. Also, I invited some really cool people over to come and eat it with him. 

For his birthday, he took a boys trip to Australia to do the Tough Mudder.  
He did awesome.  

Our lives are far from perfect. We have our struggles just like everyone else . . . . but there is NO ONE else in the world who I would want for my husband.  We are Team Fairchild.  
I am a lucky girl to have this dude by my side . . . . no matter what. 
Happy 36th Birthday Damon!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Catch Ups

 We've been busy.  Very busy.  Here's what Team Fairchild has been up to. 

I ran my last marathon.  For reals this time.  I am officially retired.  I hated running.  But I love my running girls.  I miss our hours and hours of talking, however, I do not miss our hours and hours of running.  I haven't run since April 14th. It's been glorious. Don't worry, I've still been working on my fitness. It just doesn't require any pavement pounding.

I totally cried at the end.  For a couple of reasons. I was in pain.  Serious pain. My calves cramped for the last 6 miles.  Also, when I crossed the finish line It was so bitter sweet. I knew this would be my last race, and I was so happy, but I also knew I wasn't going to be running with two of the greatest girls on the planet anymore . . . . and that made me sad.  Very sad.  Good thing we can still be friends.

My man graduated with his Masters Degree in Educational Techonology with a 4.0.   He's kind of a big deal.  And because he's such a big deal, I went ahead and got him a juicer for his graduation present, because that's what he asked for.

Then there was Mother's Day.  I wanted carpet in the worst way, so my man bought me carpet. It makes us feel super rich, now that we have a juicer AND carpet.  We also exude class, so we are pretty unstoppable. Also SUPER romantic. 

These little cuties had their first piano recital.  They did fabulous.

 This little cutie graduated from Preschool.  Somehow she managed to make it thru, even with all the time outs and naughty notes home. She's one of a kind.   

This Ava girl got baptized.  We had some visitors come for her special day.  It was AWESOME.

 Father's Day came along.  Damon scored.  LIla got him her Princess book, her Skippy Jon Jones book, and a mini beach ball.  I got carpet for Mother's day, so I think it's pretty even.

We celebrated with all these awesome dads at the pool. If I remember correctly, there was steak involved.

There were lots of visitors this summer, which is always awesome.  Especially when you really like them.

 I'm a really boring person.  So it was a shock to us all this summer when I actually got in the water a few times and tried some things I've never done.  Miracles do happen.

Jumping off the rock at Waimea with my niece Cassidy.

 Surfing at Kalaeloa Beach. I actually did get up for about 2 seconds, but unfortunately there are no pictures to prove it.  This one of me falling will have to do.

Paddle boarding at Aunty PJ and Uncle Jame's house.

Have I mentioned how lucky we are to live in Hawaii?

My pretty sister and her family came for 10 days.  I loved every minute of it.

 Friend time at the beach.

Hiking Manoa Falls with Cassidy and Lauren.

More hiking.  I've decided that I love hiking.  Especially Koko Head.  If only I lived closer.  I would do it all the time.  All these chicks are such good sports.  Its NOT easy. 

What I need is for Ronna to clone herself and move one of her to Hawaii.  That's about how awesome she is.  Helping me with my kids, hanging out with me, listeing to me talk about my new ventures 24/7, sweeping my floor and whatnot.  It was 3 weeks of Heaven having her here. 

 4th of July at Turtle Bay with Ronna and Chris. Everyone needs to have a Malasada when the come to Hawaii.  They are that good. Just make sure you don't get the plain ones. They must have cinnamon and sugar.

I wish I could say that Damon put this outfit on for me, but it was Rick Thompson he was trying to impress.  He's the only man for Damon.  I know this, because there are not many dudes Damon will spoon with.  Rick is one of the few.  It was pretty special to be there for it.

 It's a good thing Rick has such a hot wife he is super committed to. Or else I might be out of a husband. Phrew.

These little swimmers had their first swim meet.  They did Amazing.  

More hiking. This time with Damon. 

 Cousin Hannah came to visit for 3 weeks.  I would also like to clone her.  She vacuums. And babysits, and doesn't judge me when I say swear words. Also, she is just kick back and likes to hang out, which is cool, because I'm pretty boring.

More hiking. Makapu'u Lighthouse. 

First day of school prep. These girls took it pretty seriously.  

Edyn 5th, Ava 4th, and Lila Kindergarten

I'm also back to school. This is my Substitute Teacher Selfie. I pretty much love my job.  Especially when the kids are good.  I prefer the middle schoolers. They are at about the same maturity level as I am, so it works out well for all of us.