Thursday, August 23, 2007


At the end of August we always have the Benton Franklin County Fair. What a treat. Every year we swear we are not going next year, and when next year comes around, we are always there! We just can't help it. The fair just draws you in. Maybe its the greasy overpriced food, the smell of fresh manure, the 13 year olds making out with each other, or could it be the classy ladies flirting with the carnies . . . . . . No . . . what brings us back every year is that our kids love it. They love to see the animals, especially my families 4H sheep (my mom's took grand champion this year thank you very much!) They love the cotton candy and they LOVE the rides. So of course on Tuesday night after we spent gobs of money on rides and disgusting food, we said, "Why do we even come here. .. . . . . ." But I can guarantee that we will be back next year, and probably all the years after. Its worth going to see my kids so happy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Losin' It

A lot of times when I go to the store, I pay for my groceries and start pushing my cart to leave. I usually get about 10 or 15 feet when I hear . . . Ummm . . . Mam, do you want to take your groceries with you? Oh . . . yes, silly me.

I pick up my daughter and her friend from preschool a lot of days, and her friend just lives a couple houses down from us. As I get home, Edyn says, Mommy!!!! Your forgot to drop off Jadyn! Oopsie Doopsie. Not again. Turn around, and take Jadyn home.

A while ago, I went to Costco. Just me and Ava, and I purchased some shoes. Came out to the parking lot, and goodness! I couldn't remember where I parked my car! Oops! 20 minutes later, after I had walked up and down every row of cars. I found it. Had no recollection of ever parking there. My sister said to me . . . why didn't you just set your alarm off so you could at least hear where your car is? Oh, DUH! Never thought of that!

On Sunday, I had my outfit all planned out for church. Gray skirt, black shirt, black heels. I went to my closet to get my skirt. NO WHERE to be found. So of course I call my sister and ask is she has borrowed it. Nope. Where is it? I just saw it . . . I SWEAR! So what do I do, I tear everything off the shelves, rip all my skirts off the hangers, (I am running late of course), and STILL . . . . no skirt. So I just give up. I will find something else to wear. I walk out of my closet, and what is laying neatly on my bed . . . . you guessed it, my gray skirt. I had neatly placed it there before I had taken a shower, and just completely forgot. Dang . . . . now I have to clean my closet.

My church is on the same road as my bank. Lately, when I am going to church, I end up at the bank, and when I am going to the bank, I end up at church. AHHHH!

Then there was the stop sign I completley ran the other day. No cops around. Phew. Luckily no one was killed.

Today I went to the store SPECIFICALLY for salad makings. I got everything I needed and headed home. As I went to make myself the most delicious salad, OOPS. I forgot the lettuce! I have everything else just not the main ingredient. DANG. Now I have to go back to the store. Forget it. I will have a salad tomorrow.

This list could go on for ages. I am Losing it! Big time. Sometimes I think its cause I am getting older. I am almost 30 you know. And sometimes I just go ahead and self diagnos me with early alzheimers. And then I remember. OH YEAH. I AM PREGNANT. Thats whey I am so DUMB. I am in big trouble too, cause each kid I have had, I get dumber every time. Its like they suck every last brain cell out of me. This should probably be my last kid. . . . cause I don't have too many more to spare.

So now you all know. Usually I keep it a secret well into the second trimester. But I am too sick and too tired to care if the whole world knows. I am about 12 weeks. Things are looking up though, cause I have had a really good week of no naussea. Just tired. Damon wants a boy so bad. I think it is a boy, cause I have never been so angry in my life. Whatever happens, DO NOT CROSS ME. You might get your head ripped off. Me, I want another girl. I just love girls. Edyn thinks we should name her Hannah Montana, or Lava Girl. I asked her if we could just call her Lava for short. Sure mom. Thats fine. So hopefully its a boy, cause I think Lava would get made fun of a lot.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aloha Oe

Well . . . . this day has been pretty rough . . . . actually the correct word would be DEVASTATING. Tanisha and Phil left for New Zealand today to live there permanently. It seems as though I can't stop the tears. I never knew I had so many . . . Not much of a crier here, but apparently I am today. I knew this was coming for quite some time, but was just holding on to hope that for some reason they would stay! Dangit! No such luck.
I love my Nish with all my heart. We have such a history. She came to live with our family when we were 16 years old and we have been inseperable ever since. Through high school, college, married life, babies . . . You just don't find amazing friends/sisters like this every day. I have been so blessed to have her. Through thick and thin (literally!), I have always been able to count on her. And Phil, Uncle Phil, what an amazing guy. My kids are absolutley in love with this big Tongan Teddy Bear. I just love and respect him so much. They are already so confused . . . . wondereing where they are!
For the last 10 months or so Nish and Phil have lived with us and what a treat it has been. I was going through the list in my head of things I am actaually going to have to do today . . . . .for example: watch my own kids, clean my own house, take the garbage out, mow my own lawn, make dinner, entertain myself . . . this list goes on. I can never thank them enough for helping me out so much. I had to take my kids to the store today, and it got quite ugly. Edyn sure has a set of pipes on her when she doesn't get what she wants. I can't just say, Hey Nish, I am going to Walmart, can you watch my kids for a minute! Nope, I am gonna have to step it up in the mother department.
On a positive note, I may lose a few pounds, because I can no longer go down and ask Phil if they have any special treats to share with me . . . like ding dongs, chocolate covered peaunuts, cookies, etc.
I know with time it will get easier to adjust to them being gone, but for now, I am going to go cry myself to sleep and hope that they make it to New Zealand with out Richy Boy going too crazy. And I have already started my New Zealand fund. We will be going in a year and a half, not this Christmas, but next. I can hardly wait.