Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today is the Day . . . . .

. . . . . . that Team Fairchild is moving to Hawaii.

A few things I had to take care of before I left . . . . . .

I pretty much got rid of everything I owned. It's actually quite refreshing. Aren't you lucky if you got to partake in all that free stuff?! We shipped our van and 16 boxes, and are taking 4 bags with us on the plane . . . for a family of five . . . that's pretty freaking awesome.

In preparation for my move, one last girls night was a must.

I can't be bothered by unruly hair anymore, so I had Dorri chop it.

FAQ's about Team Fairchild's big move.

Q: You sure move a lot. Whats up with that?
A: Its my way of de-junking. We figured that since we've moved 5 times in the last three years (did you know that four of those houses were on the same street? talk about confusing), we should probably go BIG this time.

Why Hawaii?
A: Why not?

Q: But isn't it soooooo expensive over there?
A: Yes. But we're definitely not Hawaii virgins. We lived there for three years when we were newly married. We know what we are getting ourselves in to. Yes . . . we will be paying more for a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo then we did for our 3400 square foot house . . . but our condo will be in paradise. Nuff said.

Q: What are you guys going to do over there?
A: Damon will be working for Expedia and going back to school to pursue his dream. He will also continue to do photos. Looks like he is gonna be super busy. My SUPERMAN! He is amazing. Yours Truly . . . . . will be on permanent vacay for the next four years at least. Its no big deal :).

Q: Why if you say your Tri Cities business was doing so good, would you want to leave it?
A: Truth be told . . . Photography is not our dream. Its just something that Damon happens to be really good at and enjoys. Its not the lifestyle that we want to live. He actually likes to be home with his family on the evenings and weekends. We will have our business in Hawaii, It will just be different. There will also be times when he is back on the mainland and will do pictures for clients here. We'll let you know well in advance when those times are . . . . but in the meantime . . . If you're ever in Hawaii . . . Oahu to be exact . . call him up. He would love to do a beautiful family, senior, or whatever else tickles your fancy (no porn, he's not into that) portrait for you in paradise.

Q: How long have you known about your move?
A: Its was a very long, prayerful decision that finally came in August of 2010.

Q: Why did you try so hard to keep it on the down low?
A: Lots of reasons. But mostly, because we didn't know exactly when we would be leaving. We didn't want it to harm our business in any way, and we were concerned about how our children would react. The other reasons are none of your business. ;)

Q: Why have you been wearing the same outfit for the last month?
A: Oh. You noticed? Dang. Because I have given away all of my winter clothes, and the rest are on a ship bound for Hawaii.

Why didn't you say goodbye to me?
A: Well . . . if I didn't say goodbye to you, chances are I never saw you or talked to you that much anyway. So . . . sorry about that. Its just that I was busy getting ready to make a major move, practically by myself, as Daddy was already in Hawaii working at his new job. Consider this your friendly Aloha Oe . . . until we meet again.

Q: Can I come to Hawaii and stay with you?
A: Yes . . . But only if I like you (the list of people I don't is really short, so you're probably not on it, but if you are on that list, please don't come. That would just be awkward). Actually, you would be foolish not to come. It would be the cheapest trip to Hawaii you will ever take. Hotel Fairchild might be small, but it will definitely be five star. I will spoil you rotten (I'm not gonna have much to do. Damon refuses to let me work. That's gonna be a weird and hard thing for me. Working is in my blood. Time to be a Mommy. Full time. I'm really grateful he's putting his foot down on this one). We are so excited for all the visitors we are going to have!

Q: What will you miss most?
A: My sisters, and my friends of course. I love them dearly. My job. I loved Apricot Lane with all my heart. So many good times there. My Young Women. Such beautiful GOOD girlies. My cousins. They are so freaking awesome. Snow. I like snow. Nothing but Noodles. I love that place. My friends and my sisters. Gold's gym. I love Spin. My brothers. They are so freaking awesome. Being backdoor neighbors with Wal*Mart. We've become so close over the last 5 years. Literally. Hot summer days at Nicholls and Hills pools. Erika. Its not like I'll just be able to hop in my car and drive to Colorado to spoon her and play with her hair. Mamie. My roomie. What in da hell am I gonna do without her? I could take two years telling you everything she has done for me and my family. Bekie. Whose face am I going to make fun of? Who's ALWAYS going to watch my kids for free? Dorri. Who's gonna do my hair? Who's going to make those amazing lemon thingies you make? Marianne. Who's gonna make me delicious treats and tell me how awesome I am? Jen. Who am I going to text all the time about my weight loss and gains (you're not escaping me Jen. Believe it or not, they do have texting in Hawaii)? Nicole. Who will drink diet raspberry coke with turd ice with me? Who will plan all the lunch dates? Gloria. Who am I going to switch kids with all the time? Who will carry me up huge big hills on their back for killer workouts? Kristie. Who am I going to tell my deep dark secrets to? Who is going to inspire me to be the best that I could possibly be? Soooo many more amazing friends that I will miss. Did I mention I'm gonna miss my friends and my sisters? The good news is . . . is that they will all remain my dear friends. And I'm anxiously awaiting your visits already!

What will you miss least?
A: Wind, crazy busy lifestyle, drama.

I'm really excited for us. This is gonna be good. Really good.