Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thirty One

Today was the day. Damon turned the big 3-1. We went on a hot date, at the shooting range of course (Damon is an great shooter. That guy on the target didn't stand a chance), and then on to Famous Dave's. YUMMY! Afterwords, we had the party of the century, complete with Ernie hats and the babysitters. When it comes to parties, we obviously don't mess around.

I love this man for so many reasons. Below are just thirty one of them.

1. He is sooooo handsome.

2. He loves me . . . unconditionally, and let me tell you, I have not always made life easy for him. I can be irrational, crazy, dramatic, scary, and many times a plain BEEEEYATCH for a wife, but for some reason, he just continues to adore me. I know. I am sooooooo lucky.

3. He is loyal . . . .he loves the Miami Dolphins . . . . . . unconditionally . . . . . even when they suck, which is A LOT.

4. He loves his precious baby girls . . . . unconditionally.

5. He gets up many nights with our babies, and he has never once complained about it.

6. He changes diapers, cleans up barf and poop, does dishes, folds laundry, and has never once complained about that either.

7. He is a hard worker. He puts in TONS of hours, often with little or no sleep. He runs his studio well and his employees and clients love him.

8 . He is so artistic. He is an AMAZING Photographer, and is working on getting his masters in photography right now. I have shown you some of the pictures he has taken of our kids, but you would absolutely die if I could post everything he does. I am completely blown away with the things he comes up with. He is constantly learning more and getting even better than he already is.

9 . He teaches me sweet tricks in Photo Shop.

10. He is very competitive. This comes in handy when we enter Biggest Loser competitions . . . . well, except for the last one . . . .DANG!

11. He is romantic. I often times joke around that I am the boy in the relationship and he is the girl. I am so UNromantic. He is the one who wants the candle light dinners, walks under the moonlight, getaway weekends, etc.

12. He never gives me a hard time for the amount of time I spend with my friends. He never complains about having to stay home with the kids when I take "girls weekends" or "girls nights." He knows when I need breaks, and is so willing to let me have them.

13. He is patient. Like I said, he has to put up with a lot from me . . . . but also others. I rarely see him lose it.

14. He loves his mom.

15. You might be surprised, but he can pull off a killer English accent, as well as Southern. I never knew he had it in him . . . . sooooooo funny!

16. You would be very surprised with his acting skills. He did have a role in the BYUH campus movie. If you are lucky, you might get to see it someday!

17. He speaks only Spanish to our kids . . . . they are pretty much bilingual because of this.

18. He has a testimony of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

19. He loves the Gospel, and obeys the commandments.

20. He reads scriptures with our kids, and makes sure we have family prayer every morning and night. I find this extremely SEXY!

21. He serves others on a regular basis.

22. He is a great teacher, and has a way of getting thru to people of all ages.

23. He is very forgiving.

24. He is 100% man, but he is not afraid to cry.

25. He loves his friends.

26. He is very intelligent.

27. He has a great memory. This comes in very handy for him. Especially in arguments, and he LOVES to argue. He is a great debater. I think he should run for President some day. No one would stand a chance against him.

28. He loves politics as much as I do, although he doesn't let it consume him when things don't go his way like yours truly.

29. He is funny . . . but only DUMB FUNNY! (only two people will understand this one, but I had to throw it in)!!

30. He is kind. He won't even kill bugs or spiders. Seriously. He scoops them up and puts them outside.

31. He used to hate running, but he did it anyway, so he could run with me. Now he really enjoys it, and has to actually encourage me to do it.

Damon is perfect for me. Because of him, I am a better person. I don't know how I ever got so lucky. Happy 31st birthday Flamers. You are the best husband I have ever had!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Love Fall

I lived in Hawaii for three years. I loved the warm weather, but it got a little old sometimes, constantly being sweaty and always having to grease my fuzzy hair back due to the humidity.

When we moved home, I was so happy to live in a place where there were four seasons. I like how when I'm just about tired of being hot all the time, it starts to cool off. And when I am just about tired of being cold all the time, it starts to get warm.

My favorite season is Fall! Below are a few reasons why.

* My chapstick no longer melts in my car.

* Time to break out the Fall sweats.

* Crock pot meals. Chili is my specialty.

* Crisp cool air.

* High School Football games. GO LIONS! ROAR!

* Christmas is just around the corner, and I can threaten my kids that Santa won't be coming if they are naughty. (I am so mean, but it totally works).

* I love running int the Fall. Its so cool and I don't get overheated.

* Apple season. I LOVE APPLES. Pink Lady's are my fav, Fuji's and Gala's are also delightful.

* Fall colors. So BEAUTIFUL! I think we might attempt a family photo this year with the trees in the background.