Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots of Stuff

A Sprinkle
Last weekend, I flew to Denver (thank you so much Denise) to surprise my Erika for her Sprinkle. What is a Sprinkle? Its a very light baby shower . . . . . Let me just tell you . . . . AMAZING. Erika's mom Denise is the ULTIMATE party thrower. I of course had to take pictures, because the parties I throw include paper plates and plastic cups, so I continue to be completely amazed at the functions that these Hammond Ladies throw. And once again, I had to ask which fork I was supposed to use! I swear, every time I go to Denver, I come back a little more refined! This trip I was also reminded how glad I am to not be pregnant. Sorry Erika! Only about 5 more weeks to go. Hang in there!

BTW, I took Lila with me cause she is "still on the tit." (Please tell me you have seen Sweet Home Alabama . . . "you have a baby . . . . in a bar . . . . ") I was so worried about the plane ride. Lila has not been the easiest baby I have had. The way there, she was perfect. The way home, NOT SO MUCH. Lets just say that she screamed the first hour and a half of a two hour plane ride. (a mixture of being tired, constipated, teething, the air pressure) I counted how many people were on the plane, because I needed to know exactly how many people hated my guts. 104, Oh, except for the two who were actually nice to me and offered me help. The other 102 people graced me with glares and looks of disgust. I can't tell you how many times I mouthed the words "I am so sorry," to complete strangers who wanted to kill me and my baby. After about 10 minutes in the air, I was completely pitting out, because I was a nervous wreck, I decided that I would just camp out in the bathroom, seeing as how I was in the very back row, this made if very convenient for me to duck in and out when other people actually needed to use it (you know I am completely desperate if I am camping out in a germ filled bathroom). I finally got her to sleep. Luckily the dirty looks stopped after that.


Two Nibbles
I was at work the other night, and Damon was with the girls. This little cutie was over playing with Edyn. This is the conversation Damon told me they had.

J: Wow! Look at Lila's teeth. She has two!!

E: Yeah, She does, and they are VERY sharp. I know this because she bites my mom's nibbles.

J: What are nibbles? OOOOHHHHHH....... I know . . . . .they are those two things that poke out from my mom's (whispering the next word so Damon wouldn't hear) boobs.

I could not stop laughing. And then, as I was talking to J's mom about this, she told me that our two little girls actually call theirs "niblets" because they are much smaller than their moms.
(Sorry, no pictures on this one. This is not that kind of blog!)

We went last night. A bunch of us. I went in high school, and apparently I forgot the story, cause I was clueless for much of the performance . . . or maybe I was just really tired. Probably BOTH! I was wishing Erika was sitting right beside me so she could have given me the play by play. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the music and a night out with some awesome ladies.

A Sad Goodbye
The good news is that Uncle Phil came from New Zealand last Tuesday. The bad news is this means Tanisha is going home with him tomorrow (Monday). BUMMER. I just love them and New Zealand is just so far away. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will move back to the USA sometime in the next few years. We had a little dinner at my house tonight to say goodbye. I totally used paper plates and cups!

Nice harry "NIBBLE" Tione . . . .


Its no secret that I am a die hard Celine Dion fan. And I am not even a fifty year old lady . . . YET! Seriously. I once sat and watched the DVD of her "New Day" show (which I was lucky enough to get to see in Vegas) for approximately 8 hours one day. All the behind the scenes, EVERYTHING. Since then, I have watched it several more times. It SO GOOD!

So it shouldn't surprise you then, that my girls are also Celine Dion fans . . . . as they have no choice but to be (they call her Celine Dionce . . . pronounced like "Beyonce"). Damon's mom got me her new album "Taking Chances" last Christmas, and its one of our all time favorites.
The other night, Uncle Tyson and Auntie Tsveti were over and Ava gave them a Celine Dionce Concert. Enjoy!

Apparently she DID NOT inherit my stage fright!