Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yah, I know what you're thinking. You never knew this about Libbie. Nobody knew this about Libbie. And the reason isn't what you would typically think. It's actually that I, Damon, have hijacked Libbie's Blog. The reason why is obvious.

While this is our 10th Valentines day since we formally committed our lives to each other, it is not our 10th together. As most of you know, our story started at Kennewick High School way back in 1993.

After using my totally high schoolish method of having Libbie's sister Emily talk to her for me, we began to get to know each other. It didn't start off so hot because the first time I tried to engage her in the hallway where we passed each other every day, I totally tripped over my own foot and fell straight to the ground. Too embarrassed to face her, I got up and just walked on by. Fortunately my amazing hair and muscles helped her to get over my clumsy beginning and give me another shot.

Our first real interaction was on an amazing bike ride in which a large number of her friends "happened" to pass by my house. Of course I had a feeling they would show since they had done a few drive byes on previous days, so I borrowed my best friend Alan's bike and made sure to have my shirt off when this time they actually rang the doorbell.

I know I looked pretty hot shirtless, but not as hot as Libbie. She always has and always will.

In those days I was not only a smooth mover, but a fast mover so I made sure to show Libbie my appreciation of her beauty by giving her a sweet little goodbye kiss. I'm sure I actually thought it was "sweet" and "little" but judging from my current knowledge and experience my guess is that I was probably sloppy and grossed her out more than anything else. For me though, it was just the opposite. "I kissed a girl and I liked it." There was something in it. Something different. Something special. While I can, and will explain later many of the things I feel for my amazing wife, what I never could and still can't put into words is how I felt and still feel when she kisses me back. That day became sacred to us. May 27th 1993. We considered it for many years our "anniversary".

So skip ahead 6 years. After idiotic High School behavior and break-ups, a mission, some college, lots of other boys (still makes me a bit sick in my stomach) somehow we find our way back together and after an AMAZINGLY ROMANTIC proposal on Sunset beach, we are on our way to the Portland Temple. We had always talked about being sealed to each other there, and it was finally going to happen. It did on December 29th, 1999 and I can still remember the smile on my face. Ear to Ear. Holding her hand across the altar and there again "I kissed a girl and I liked it".

Photo by Shawn Murphy

It felt the same as it always had. Never changing. It never will.

Photo by Shawn Murphy

Now ten years have gone by for us and our family as a married couple. Edyn, Ava, and Lila are clear evidence that when I kiss "a girl" I still like it! Libbie will tell you how much it annoys her that I always want kisses from her, but I know she loves it. She loves knowing it has NEVER changed or faded the in the slightest.

So in honor of our 1oth Valentines Day, I'm gonna spend just another minute telling you 10 things I love about Libbie, in no particular order of importance.

1. Libbie is a GREAT kisser.
Have I made that clear?

2. Libbie is extremely loyal.
I have never doubted her and I never will.

3. Libbie's determination is unparalleled.
If you know my wife, you know when she makes up her mind, she makes up her mind and NOTHING will stop her.

4. Libbie is an unbelievably hard worker.
She doesn't stop till the job is done. 2, 3, 4, 5:00 in the morning. I've seen it over and over again.

5. Libbie is BEAUTIFUL.
I've never seen anyone more beautiful. Recently, a group of my young male students were high-fiving me because of how "hot" she is. I heard qoute "I'm actually jealous right now Fairchild". Her blue eyes, and so much more that I'll gloss over to keep this G- Rated!

6. Libbie loves our Babies. Loves them.
I can see it in her eyes. I can feel it when she talks about them. Are we perfect parents? No, but I know her love is perfect.

7. Libbie is 100% honest.
You know how she feels about everything! She's not afraid to tell it like it is. And does...

8. Did I mention Libbie was HOT?
My fav? Leggings... Short dress... Tall black boots... Hair up...HOT. Smokin. Oooo...

9. Libbie not only want's, BUT demands that I be better.
Better at everything. Husband, father, businessman. Such positive pressure to excel.

10. Libbie is SOOOOOOO Clean.
I know hygiene seems like a silly thing to put here, but no way. I love my clean wife. She not only looks good all the time, but she smells go000od. If she wasn't I probly wouldn't like it so much when I "kiss a girl".

11. Did I mention Libbie was HOT? Yea, don't get me started...
So what, that was 11, not 10. Two were the same thing just to emphasize her beauty.

I could go on. I could keep typing. I could keep reminiscing or begin fantasizing (my favorite) but I'll spare you. Just know this: All those many Valentines ago, when "I kissed a girl and I liked it" and for every Valentines day until forever, when "I kiss a girl" I'll always "like it". Always.