Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Very Important Stuff

1. I ask myself every day, Why did I ever tell my kids they couldn't say "butt?"
Seriously. All it does is cause me grief. Why? Oh, because I say butt, and so do so many other kids and adults that I know. And every time I, or anyone else, get caught saying it (even if it is an innocent "but", I (or anyone else) get yelled at by my darlings, "MOM YOU SAID THE B-WORD!"

So, I have decided that I might just tell them that they can say it all they want. You know, use the reverse psychology thing. I'll let them get it out of their system, and then maybe after a couple of days, they won't make such a big deal of it and my life will be so much better all because of one stupid word.

Also, the word "freaking." Really. Can I get mad at them for saying it, when I also say it, and so many other people say it. Tonight Ava called her cousin a "freaking boy head." I laughed right out loud, because it was funny, but (oooooohhhhh I wrote the b-word) it really hits home when I hear my kids say these words that I say that are so not classy.

I think I can handle my kids saying "butt." "Freaking," however is not gonna fly. Dang. This means I am going to have to clean up my act. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to help a girl out here!

2. I just couldn't wait any longer. We put up our Christmas tree tonight. These pictures don't do it justice, because it is soooo pretty. For the last few years I have done a silver and gold tree. But this year I decided to spice it up a little and add red. I do need to go to the neighbors (Walmart) and get some more red ornaments though. Christmas time makes me so happy! My goal this holiday season, besides the giving part of course, is to not eat myself sick for the next month and a half.

The dude in the pink pajamas is Evan a.k.a. "freaking boy head." We had a sleepover, and I have all girls . . . you do the math. Hopefully he will turn out okay in spite of being dressed as a girl every time he comes over!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We don't usually get too into Halloween, mostly because we are always working that night . . . but this year we happened to have it off, so we managed to get to the Trunk of Treat at church, and then to Meeeeyatch and Nancie's party with some friends. My sister and I slaved away the night before, making the most spectacular costumes for me and Flamers. And I am just thrilled that they turned out so good, and that my little Tinkerbell was so entertaining the whole night! I was so proud! Oh . . . and guess who won the costume contest . . . Yep. Tinkerbell, or should I call him "Tinkerbeau." Of course he was campaigning for votes. Tis the season!

After the party, we of course headed over for a photo shoot. Its not often that Damon looks this good, so we had to document it.

(Nice face Peter Pan. It looks like you are flying with a giant stick up your bum)!