Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dirt Bags

I never got around to posting about my New Years Resolution.

Mostly because I forgot. . . . . however . . . . I did make one.

(I wouldn't want to over do it).

What I lack in culinary, communication, musical, knitting . . . .etc. skills, I make up for in speaking my mind. I'm super great at that. . . . . but, I need to stop doing that so often. So this is my ONE resolution. I have been doing so well. With the exception of right now. I just need to get a few things off my chest.

Let's talk for a brief moment about:

dirt bag
n. slang
A filty or vile person
A dirty, grimy, sleazy, or disreputable person

Any of you who know me well, know that this is probably my favorite word. I use it quite often, as I try to brainwash my children into not becoming one. While I'm sure I have several annoying qualities that many others could do with out, I am certain that the world could do without the following behaviors . . . . . from individuals who I consider to be DIRT BAGS.

1. I've said it before, I'll say it again. People who use the bathroom and don't wash their hands are disgusting. Truly. I mean COME ON . . . . . No one wants your bum germs/fecal matter to be touching door knobs, counter tops, writing utensils, food, or them . . . . thats just hepatitis waiting to happen. Not to mention all the other viruses NOT washing hands spreads around . . . oh . . . . and the fact that its just plain disgusting. On occasion I will catch my kids forgetting to do this, however, they are kids. I quickly remind them of the importance of washing hands. But time and time again, I see adults neglecting this simple task. Really people. Its not that much to ask. And if you are guilty of this . . . . . than you are a disgusting dirt bag.

2. On occasion I work at the theater. It's quite a fun place to be. I do all sorts of very important stuff, like serve people popcorn, sell tickets at the box office, and clean up the theaters after movie showings. I also happen to watch movies there. A LOT.
I am severely disappointed when I see people get up from their movie, leave their garbage all over the place, walk out into the lobby, and leave. It happens ALL THE TIME. Any one with common sense would put two and two together and know that they are walking by a GIANT GARBAGE CAN on the way out. How hard is it to take your two hands that you were so fortunate to be born with (those of you who weren't. . . . . I am deeply sorry), pick up your trash, and deposit it in the trash can? I really don't think that is too much to ask. You are also being a horrible example to your children. If you are guilty of this . . . . . than not only are you a dirt bag . . . but you are a LAZY dirt bag.

3. Its not only at the theater. Its everywhere. Why do some think its okay to litter period? Its not. It's sheer laziness. Its really not that hard to pick up after yourself. My kids will see trash on the ground and say . . . . "Mom . . . . someone is a dirt bag." To which I answer, "Yes, someone should have put their trash in the trash can." (Of course we pick up said trash and throw it away). Its really not that hard. I just don't get it.

4. I'm all about freedom. I think that if you want to smoke . . . . than you just go right ahead, if you are over 18 of course, because that's the law. I personally would never want to, as I prefer NOT to smell like an old ashtray with butt breath. I also prefer pink lungs as opposed to black, and white teeth are nice too. Also, all that coughing that goes along with it is really unattractive . . . . .BUT . . . if you want to smoke . . . go right ahead. Thats your choice. Here's the thing though . . . I constantly see people smoking around their children and their animals. Usually it is in cars while driving, with the windows rolled down a slight little crack . . . . . as if that's going to make a huge difference. Its just wrong. Those poor babies have no choice but to inhale those nasty fumes. Just because you are choosing to destroy your health . . . . that gives you no right to destroy the health of your children and pets. Also, pregnant women who smoke. Are you serious? If you are guilty of this . . . . than you are a selfish dirt bag.

5. Its unfortunate that some people just don't understand that spitting is disgusting. There's nothing worse than walking along, minding your own business, and catching a glimpse of someone's phlegm on the ground. Really? Are you serious? And do you know what's even worse? I see people, mostly guys do this all the time. Right in front of ladies. Do they think this is some sort of a turn on? Well, maybe to a fellow dirt bag it is . . . . . but to most, its just plain awful. I kind of want to throw up just thinking about it. So come on . . . . . if you are guilty of this, you are a nasty dirt bag, and please . . . I beg you . . . . STOP. Figure something else out . . . perhaps quit smoking? Then you wouldn't need to hack up your lungs all over the asphalt?

6. Listen . . . nobody is a perfect parent. Even if they think they are. Its just not possible. Everyone loses their patience with their children on occasion. I do. On more occasions than I would like. However, I make it a habit to NOT yell, scream, and swear at them at the top of my lungs in public places (and I try my best not to at home either). Not only does it make those who do this look like idiots, but it teaches said children that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and in turn, they will grow up and treat their children like this. Its a vicious cycle. It also makes the people who have to experience your trashiness wonder what is going on behind closed doors, when no one is watching. So do us all a favor. Get a grip. I guarantee it won't be easy, but just try for once in your life to speak to your children with respect. I bet they will show you some back.

The good news about the above behaviors, is that they are all easy to fix. With minimal effort, this world could be a better place. And while I know that the four people reading this blog are probably not the dirt bags I speak of, I just needed to vent. I realize I am not even close to being perfect, but one thing I do pride myself in is being a contributing member of society. I am also a big fan of cleanliness and am doing my best to teach my children to grow up to be way better than I could ever dream of being.

Now please excuse me while I get back to my only resolution and jump back on that wagon of keeping my mouth shut for another couple of weeks, until I accidentally let something slip. Until then . . . . . I say good day.

A Whole Lot of Backtracking

Remember when I went on what some would call a blogging hiatus? It wasn't intentional. It was simply because I was super busy. But during that time, I did all sorts of fun things, that I just can't help but share, and for posterity's sake, must be recorded.

Immediately after we quit our jobs, we went ahead and moved again, because we love moving. Especially when its to my sister's house. She provides us with shelter. She feed us. She watches my kids. She helps us with our business. She's AMAZING. And all I have to do in return, is cook and clean. (I think she is getting the short end of the stick, but shhhhhhhh....... don't tell her).

One of the things I just didn't get around to posting, is very important. Very.

Now just look at my work! I obviously have a green thumb. We feasted on cucumbers, beans,and tomatoes all summer long. The peppers didn't really work out so well, so I went ahead and bought those from Costco. Better luck next time I guess. And those carrots? WHAT? I couldn't bring myself to eat them, but I had to have a picture of the weirdos!

Although I was sad to leave my little garden behind . . . . . I am hopeful that the next tenants will have their way with it next spring . . . . . and I will go ahead and build myself a new one wherever it is I am living. Maybe. I am an awfully busy girl.

We went ahead and opened our own studio. Its small, but its going to be dang awesome once we are finished. We have been so very blessed, and business has been booming, however, we refuse to go into one cent of debt, so every penny we have made, has been put back into the business thus far. Very soon we will be installing our new flooring, and then I will share some pictures of the inside. We are having the time of our lives, and are so grateful for our clients. I am positive that this is going to get even more amazing for us.

I may be a little partial, but it helps that my husband is the best photographer around these parts. And I'm not just saying that because I love him. Its true. He knows what he is doing. He is very professional (he is a professional), and works so well with people. People LOVE him. He is kind to children, and he doesn't offend or say perverted things to anyone . . . . . fancy that! Only 7 more print credits and this Daddy has his Masters in Photography. That's my boy!!!

One of the things that we have never been able to do, until this year was visit the Pumpkin Patch on the other side of the state . We were always too busy working. This year it finally happened. We went for the weekend and stayed with our cousins. They are AWESOME. They spoil us rotten and always make us feel so welcome, even with our naughty kids who destroy their homes! Thank you Cousins. We LOVE you!

I went ahead and spent Halloween working. Naturally I dressed up as a Witch (the least slutty one I could find . . . . . Walmart doesn't have very many options you know). Damon took the kids to the Trunk or Treat. If you haven't noticed yet . . . . . we like to dress up. He is such a good sport.

My Brother in law is a Captain in the Marines. He hired us to come down and take pictures at their Marine Corps Ball.

You will notice a couple of things about these pictures. First, my nostrils are completely lopsided . . . . . .and I have photographic evidence for all of you unbelievers. Second, and ever so exciting . . . . there are ABSOLUTELY NO KIDS IN THIS CAR!!! That's right. We ditched the kids, drove down to Southern California to take Marty his new truck, photographed the MC Ball, made some good money, bought Marty's old truck from him for Damon to drive, take a bunch of family pictures, we were fortunate enough to visit our sister Emily, and some great college friends, and then drove that new rig of Damon's home (like I said . . . . Damon driving a big truck = sexy. Peace out Man Van).
I must have really needed this break. Usually I am a complete wreck when I have to leave my kids for more than a day, but to be honest. I could have stayed gone for another week. It was WAY too much fun.

My delicious sister Mamie and her ever so handsome husband Marty.

Of course I have never been to a Marine Corp Ball, so I had no clue what to wear. After only minutes of deliberation, I went ahead and picked my best Target dress. I am so fancy like that.

It was an honor to be in the same room with so many men and women who serve this great country. I loved it. There also happened to be some great grub. However, I have to say that the drunk dancing after the ceremony was by far my favorite part. . . . . and I just so happened to post this very appropriate facebook status update while there:

Dear Drunk Girl in the Red Dress at Marine Corps Ball:

If you are going to pull your dress above your head while dancing, you should consider wearing underwear.

Love Always and Forever, the Picture Lady

Dr. Erin Hudson . . . . . my sexy little roommate from Hawaii, all grown up running her hugely successful Chiropractic/Massage clinic. . . . . where she sent us to be rubbed down. Nice. Very nice!

Skinners . . . . our great friends from our Hawaii days. We conveniently showed up around brunch and went ahead and partook of her Betty Crockerness. Now I am going to have to learn how to make waffles NOT from a toaster. Thanks a lot Laura, for showing my husband what real food is!

My Kristen . . . . . .There are no words that can describe my love for her. . . . . . But I can describe this . . . . her blog is my absolute FAVORITE. Hilarious in every way. Feel free to check it out. You WILL NOT be sorry.

Another delicious sister and her gorgeous family. I miss her. And (for reals) all six of her kids.

When my sister Bekie and her husband came to pick up our kids before we left on this trip, I just happened to tell them about Gary. Gary = Lila. Lila . . . .aka . . . . Toots, is our third girl child. She gets lots of hand me downs. And lots of those hand me downs are from our friends who have boys. Because I simply don't care, I let her wear some of those boy clothes to sleep in. And . . . well . . . . she looks exatly like a boy. So Damon just started calling her Gary one night. Why Gary? Well, because it was the first name that popped into his mind, and according to Damon, is a very manly name. I beg to differ. I would have chosen LeRoy or Dwayne. Brett found this very entertaining.

On our drive home, Mamie was sleeping in the back. We had a great book on tape going, I was minding my own business driving down the highway, when Damon starts laughing like a drunken school girl. You know, the high pitched, uncontrollable, belly laugh that goes on and on for what seems like an eternity. Of course I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. He kindly showed me this email that he had just recieved. . . . . . .

Hey guys,

We just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Gary accompany us to church today. The nursery lady said “He sure liked to scream at everyone, other than that, he was a very well behaved little boy.”

Drive careful.

Tio & Tia

. . . . and next thing I know, all three of us are laughing uncontrollably like drunken school girls, (and we all know what happens when I laugh to hard). They took her to church and fooled everyone there, just for the photo opp! I find this absolutely hilarious.

Special thanks to my Tara, who loaned Tio and Tia the boy clothes. However, when Gary/Lila/Toots grows up with gender identity issues, I will point all fingers at Tio Brett (and perhaps Damon). You two can pay for her/his counseling.

And now I am all caught up. Stayed tuned. . . . . For I have a very inspired blog coming up . . . . all about Dirt Bags.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Rundown

I'm not usually an emotional person. . . . . . . so this Holiday Season, I was quite shocked at the plethora of feelings escaping from my own self. Perhaps its because I am getting older, maybe a little more mature (finally), and have come to the realization of how truly blessed I am. I have never been so poor yet felt so rich. I have never been so stressed yet happy. I have never been so overwhelmed with gratitude yet speechless . . . . . . because I have no idea how to truly thank so many family members and friends who have helped my little family in so many ways.

And to those of you working behind the scenes . . . . . . I don't know who you are, but thank you. Thank you for being so kind and generous. Thank you for being such an example of service and selflessness. Because of you, we have been able to make it through these last four months, a time which should have been the hardest in our lives but instead have been completely amazing. I cannot wait for the day, very soon I hope, when I can do for others what you have done for me and my family. What a blessing it has been for us to have people like you caring about us. We love and appreciate you.

And now . . . . . I present you our 2009 Holiday Season.

It all started off with an amazing Apricot Lane Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

I'm not sure if you noticed . . . . but I think I have finally found a talent, as I made these sweaters. Yes. Its true. Except mine of course. That was a Mamie creation. . . . . and an amazing one at that. I live for Ugly Sweaters. Next year's party cannot come soon enough.


We had a very quiet Christmas. Opened a few presents in the morning with Damon's family, and then I headed to work at the theater for the day. NEVER go watch movies on Christmas day. Its the busiest day of the year. I found it quite amusing that so many people got so upset that they were not the only ones at the theater, and how could everything be sold out? Duh.
We had a feast of Tacos for dinner when I got home, and hit the sack, as I was plain bushed after a long day of serving popcorn.

Our stockings are in storage and we just never had the time to go find them, so Santa was kind enough to leave some gifts in some very festive re-usable bowls for the girls. Nice. They have been used many times since. Thank you Santa!

Christmas PJ's from Momo and Erika. Thank you . . . . So Adorable!

10 years

On December 29, Damon and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I feel like every anniversary is very special, but for some reason, this one meant more to me than all the others so far. We have come a long way in the 17 years we have known each other. I had big plans of how I wanted this day to be, and it turned out nothing like I expected. I wish I had some beautiful wedding pictures and a romantic story to to post here (obviously a very sore subject) but I don't. Maybe for our 11th anniversary. I can dream right?

New Years Eve.

I don't know how we ever got so lucky. We have some of the most AMAZING friends ever, who invited us over (okay, I kind of invited us over, but they graciously accepted my offer). Not only did Gabe make us an 8 pound Prime Rib, but they allowed us to eat a good 5 pounds of it. Thats right. Damon ate about three and I ate about two. This is not a joke. I figured I have been eating my brains out since Thanksgiving, I might as well finish off 2009 with some good old fashioned gluttony. And why stop at the Prime Rib? Four large servings of Lemon Blueberry Trifle, and a huge side ache later, we were on our way home with our three naughty kids to sleep off this food drunkenness. I was literally hung over the next day. I didn't put a thing in my mouth until about 2pm when I went ahead and ate the other four servings of said Trifle that was left over. I'm an animal.

Dodge Ball

Why not start the year off with a fun filled night of dodge-ball? Mamie and I planned and executed our first party. What a smashing success. For all of you who weren't there, I feel bad for you, because you truly missed out. Never fear though, as we are already planning our next one for April when Nish comes home. Until then, I will be practicing my dodging, and throwing as I am obviously WAY out of shape. I played only 1.5 of the 7 or so games and I can barely move the right side of my body.

Yes . . . . Damon is VERY serious about this outfit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd . . . . . thats a wrap. Happy 2010!