Thursday, May 24, 2007

Project: Fairchild Cinemas

These last couple of months have been the busiest of my entire life! I have had so much going on . . . I have no idea how I have made it through! One of the biggest projects has been Fairchild Cinemas . . . (No relation, just a great last name)! Our friends from church just opened up a 12 screen theater in Pasco, Washington (It's much nicer that Wallace all you Seasiders!)

My sister Mamie and I were recruited to pleat and hang all the fabric on the walls of these 12 theaters! What a huge job this turned out to be. It was supposed to last only about three weeks, but things came up, like not enough fabric, wrong color of fabric, working around other sub-contractors, about five other projects we had going on at the same time, Oh . . . and kids who desperately needed their mommies. So it ended up being about a two month process. . . But we are done, and the theater is open for business.

From this project, I can now say I have no fear of heights. I was pretty much running up the 30 foot ladder by the end. Probably could have done a back flip off if I wanted to, but I didn't want any of the boys to be jealous of my stunts! Actually, I told my sister that at the beginning I was so afraid to go up the ladder, but by the end I was wishing I would fall off and hurt myself just enough that I woulnd't have to go back! Now looking back, I don't think it was all that bad. It was my kids who suffered most. I hate being gone. I am just so grateful for Auntie Nish, who I owe my next child for all the hours of babysitting she has put in for me! What an angel!

So . . .2,500 yards of fabric, and about 80,000 staples later, I can check one project off my list! And hopefully enjoy free movies for the rest of my life!