Sunday, August 12, 2012


Every now and then you find something so precious, so rare, so raw . . . . . that you just have to share it with others. 

There's so much to focus on in one picture. The tube socks and tennie runners with dresses, the glasses, the feathered crew cuts, aaaaaaaannnnnnnd. . . . .  let us not leave out the crotch grabbing by yours truly.   You'll notice the look of sheer exhilaration on my face. If I remember correctly it was a pretty bad itch. 

I'm getting family pictures in December.  Hopefully I can keep my hands out of all places inappropriate. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer of Fun 2012

I thought about being really creative and clever with my Summer post, but then I remembered that I didn't want to. I'm too busy watching the Olympics.

So let's just get right to the point. 

*We spent the first three weeks of our Summer vacation in Hawaii, playing with friends and celebrating Fathers Day with my my babies' daddy.  He's a good one. Total keeper.

*We headed to the Mainland, where we hit up Washington, Colorado, and Idaho. Somewhere en route, we caught the plague and managed to spread it to so many people I can't count.  And now I have a few hundred more enemies.  My apologies. 

*I have the best family and friends any girl could ask for.
 I'm partial to people who I can talk about all things inappropriate with, who don't mind my occasional swearing,  and who will allow me to wear the same clothes for weeks without passing judgement. 

*I don't handle chaos well.  So much fun, but SO. MANY. KIDS.  In times of need, I turn to food, and managed to gain a hefty 12 pounds in 5 weeks.  I. Am. Awesome.  Its already coming off people. Don't you worry. 

*Although I love the Mainland, 5 weeks was way too long to be away from home.  Three would have been perfect. So next time . . . . 3 weeks it is. 

*I missed Hawaii like crazy. We are so very lucky to be able to live in such a wonderful place with so many amazing people. We are glad to be home and I am just giddy as a school girl that all three of my little ladies are in school. I can do whatever my heart desires during the day, which might include substitute teaching every once in a while so I don't feel like a total bum. 

Enjoy the picture fest below.  Or don't. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Life is good. 


Watching his Fathers Day present with his ladies.



Such a long flight home.

 Edyn 4th Grade. Ava 2nd Grade.

Lila Preschool Rainbows.