Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 My Ava turns 7 today.  

 She gave me her Birthday Wish List a couple of days ago.  

*baby with botol
*coloring kit
*computer real
*macup kit

She changed her mind about "baby with botol" when she decided she is too old for that kind of nonsense . . . . hence the line through it.  I'm pretty sure the line thru "clothes" was an accident.  
 We went ahead and got her almost everything on her list except the computer real and chak, because lets face it, A computer real is not in the budget, nor does a 7 year old need one, and chak, well  . . . . we don't really have anywhere for her to graffiti around here. 

Perhaps she will buy some of her own chak with the gift card that Auntie Mamie sent her to Target.  Auntie Mamie should be her mom, since they are pretty much twins in every way. But I birthed her, and she's pretty cute, so I'll keep her around til she's about 13, then you can have her Mamo ;).

 Sporting her new unbrela.

We celebrated this morning with cake for breakfast. She will celebrate with her friends at school with the gobs of cookies I did not bake but bought and shoved in her backpack.  Tonight, we will celebrate at a Luau and Show (compliments of Expedia. . . .  have I ever mentioned how amazing Expedia is?). Then we will just go ahead and skip school tomorrow, cause we will be out partying so hard tonight and won't be home til really late. We might as well make a day of it and hit the park and perhaps the pool, cause if you're gonna skip school you gotta make it worth it.  Thursday, we will continue the celebration of this 7 year old along with a little cutie called Jada who will be turning 5.  The party never stops around here people.  We are animals. 

Happy 7th Birthday Ava. . . . . Our little blue eyed Angel Baby. You are so precious to Mommy and Daddy.  We LOVE you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Or as Lila calls it . . . . . Mudder's Day.  
Mine was great, because I have a great husband who always makes it special for me.  Even though "I'm not his mother" (you have to be a Reil to understand that there is SO much humor in that last sentence). BUT, I am the mother of his little ladies. And I'm super proud of that. Cause they are AMAZING.  I love them. And I love their Daddy.  Especially because he washed my van, and made me breakfast, and did the dishes. 


From Damon
 From Lila
 From Ava
 From Edyn

Happy Mudder's Day to me.  And to all you other Mudders out there.  We all rock.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things That are Awesome: Another Installment

A New Look
 Unless you are blind, you've probably noticed I changed the look and layout of my blog.  I figured five years of one boring background was enough.  So I changed it to a different boring background.  Enjoy.  


I ran another Marathon. It was  50 times more awesome than the Honolulu marathon. About 26,000 less people, and a beautiful course along the North Shore of Oahu. If you are a "Lost"  fan this is the marathon for you, as you run by all sorts of places where it was filmed. 
I was less physically prepared for this one due to lack of time and injuries, however, I was more mentally prepared. 

I did  really well til about mile 18, when I couldn't keep up with Tricia and Shirlyn anymore. But I didn't give up. I kept running. Talking to myself really helped (I didn't bring any music . . . . it was sort of awesome).  If you were anywhere near me you might of heard, "You got this girl.  You are so awesome. You can do this.  You are so strong. Don't give up. Tricia and Shirlyn have really nice butts (remember how they were in front of me).  I should stop eating so much so mine will look that good.  Don't give up girl.  Only 6 more miles. You got this. You got this. That's right girl. "  Repeat that over and over for the last 8 miles.  Apparently it worked. I shaved about 15 minutes off my last marathon time.  I didn't break down crying 4 times either. Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnd at the end, I didn't swear I would never run a marathon again . . . . because I know I will.
 December 9th to be exact. I'm gonna slay it.  Cause I am a beast.
  (I have to run at least 3. One for each of my girls).

I love these girls. I don't know what I would do with out them.

Cousin Becca
 We love Cousin Becca. She is so fun. And cute. And kind. Come back Becca . . . . I promise we will make good shrimp next time!

Uncle Darrin
 Uncle Darrin Rocks.  We love him.  He is quite the adventurous guy. There is a lot to do on Oahu, and he managed to get so much done, AND him and Damon took a weekend trip to Maui. Lucky boys. Thanks Lenore and Sean for you hospitality! We owe you. BIG TIME.   
We can't wait for Darrin to come back. Make it snappy brother. 

 Jason and Dana

Some of our greatest friends from our BYUH days . . . . and they have remained very dear to us. They just left. Not awesome. We love them.  They are just great people.  I hope all the peer pressuring I was doing while they were here, will actually get them to move back.  A girl can dream can't she?

Who goes to Ted's Bakery, Malaekahana, Matsumotos, Chuns, and Pizza Bobs all in one day?  
We do.
Hardcore I tell you.  What a fantastic time we had with these peeps. 
Maholo to the Widings for spoiling us rotten.
 I  hold you responsible for my three pound weight gain.  Curse you. 
And as I type this . . . . my girls are sobbing. They have a really hard time when our visitors leave. They are so tender hearted.  It's really sweet.
 (They don't get that from me).

We love having people come to Hotel Fairchild. It might be a .5 star (not to be confused with 5 star), but I can make some mean tacos, and you can use my beach towels.  I'll even wash them for you. . . . . but the dryer is still broken so I'll have to hang dry them and they will be all sorts of crunchy at first. My apologies. 

Trip to WA
We are coming. June 19 thru July 25. We will be in the TC for the majority of the time, but plan on spending some time in other fun places too.  This is what needs to be accomplished during my 5 weeks on the mainland : 

*Fun with Sisters and Brother.
*Fun with Cousins.
*Fun with Friends.
*Eating. A LOT.
*Sleeping. A LOT.
*Running. A Little.
*Holding and snuggling lots of babies, and then giving them back to their mommies.
*Accepting any/all girl summer hand-me-downs (sizes 10, 8, 6). Yes.  I have no shame. 
*Yoga Hut (I am going to force myself to like Yoga).
*Fairchild Cinemas .. . . . Oh how I've missed you. 
*Some tile job on my Bekie's house. Apparently she wants mediocre work done. You got it sister.
*Wearing as little clothes as possible (get your mind out of the gutter, I mean my swim suit).

I'm sure my list will expand. But mostly we're going to try to keep it simple. 
We are REALLY looking forward to this.  

One of my jobs at church is to play the piano in RS.  Slight problem though. . . .   I left my piano at home with my sister.  So you can only imagine how horrid I sound trying to bust out songs I haven't played for years. A few months ago, this cute little lady came up and offered me her piano.  I didn't even know what to say. . . . . so naturally I said YES. She is so nice . . . . . . or maybe she was just sick of hearing my many mistakes. Perhaps it was a mixture of both.  Either way . . . AWESOME.
I vow to practice now.  And in the fall, my girlies will begin piano lessons.   
Hopefully they will be better than me.  That shouldn't be hard. 

Behold . . . . . . 
  . . . . . my Hawaii Piano.  She sure is fancy.  
Thank you Lois!

Sometimes Facebook bothers me.  Probably because I lack self control and waste a lot of precious time on it.  But for the most part, I think it is really awesome.  It has brought me closer to family and friends. It has been so great connect and  reconnect with so many people.  I am not much of a phone talker. I kind of despise it actually.  So its nice to be able to chat with people, send private messages, or have fun conversations for all the world to see if I want. What's also great about it, is that I don't have to be friends with people I don't want to be friends with.  And . . . . people who annoy me, I just go ahead and hide them so my news feed isn't riddled with  ridiculousness.  Although .. . .  I'm sure it works both ways . . . . . . because I can be totally ridiculous at times. So hide away . . . . . I'll never know ;)

 (yes, I will shamelessly promote myself)
I have decided to become a distributor.  Simply because I love it.  I want to marry it.  
If something were to ever happen to Damon . . . . I probably would. 
I'm not out to make a ton of money.  I just want to be able to support my habit.  And what a good habit it is . . . . . .  because its good for you. So if you want to try it let me know, I can send you a sample.  If you have tried it, and you like it and want to order some . . . . feel free. 

That sure is a lot of awesomeness in one post.  You're welcome.