Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thirty Four

Big Daddy turned 34 today.

A request for his favorite Hot Sauce was put in a few days ago.

Ask . . . . and ye shall receive.
I'll get you whatever you want for your birthday. As long as I can buy it at Walmart.
And it is less than $3.

Another request was put in for a short sleeved white shirt. Its hot here. So Lila decided that it would be her gift to him.

Edyn and Ava have had his gifts ready for over two weeks. They are real craftsters. They made it themselves.

Its the Empire State Building. Duh.

And, a homemade pouch. Filled with tweezers, teeth flossers, face cleaning pads, q-tips, band aids, and some Japanese rice cookies that the kids won't eat.
They are so very thoughtful. And adorable.

When given the choice between me cooking steak and chocolate haupia pie OR Matsumotos and Sharks Cove Grill . . . . . Daddy chose the latter. Smart guy. Cause I really didn't want to cook steak. And who wouldn't want Matsy's instead of Birthday cake?

My Birthday Boy chowing down steak skewers with curry sauce. If you haven't tried them, you should. Sharks Cove Grill is our favorite.

And tomorrow . . . . . the celebration will continue. As we are going on a dinner cruise and watching Hilton Friday night fireworks . . . . sans children. I love friends who watch my kids for me. And I love Hawaii.

Happy Birthday Damon. You are the best husband I have ever had!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm pretty photogenic. And I have excellent taste in hair styles.
I have evidence. Behold . . . . . .

"Jail Breaker"
I had just moved home from Hawaii. I had also just found out I was pregnant with my first baby. This was cloud nine time for yours truly. So naturally, I did my hair all "pretty" and put on my best orange shirt to go and get my WA license. I just had to look good in my picture. I think it turned out pretty well . . . . . . that is . . . . if I had just been picked up for a DUI, or perhaps, public indecency. (Actually, I might be a criminal, because I totally weigh more that 140 in this picture. Isn't it obvious? I lied. Total criminal behavior). The only thing missing from this picture is me holding a black rectangular thingy with my inmate number. I had to live with this for three years . . . until I "accidentally" lost it and had to get a new one.

At this point I was a mother to Edyn who was 2, and Ava who was 6 months. With two kids, I for sure needed to style my hair in the best "mom do" EVER. It was my 28th birthday the day I got this beauty. So naturally I put on my best mom jeans, along with my brown sweater I wore every single day. No joke. Damon and I spent the afternoon at the DMV. It was super romantic. Clearly this is better than "Jail Breaker." But not by much. And 140? Nope. I lied. Again. :)

"Bed Head"
It sort of looks like I rolled out of bed and went to the Army office to get this picture taken. Oh. Wait. That's because I did. (I'll have you know, that my teeth were indeed brushed). Actually . . . Its something that I do all the time. I wish I could say that I am ashamed of myself. But I'm not. The good news? I do weigh 140 in this picture.

Now that I'm back in Hawaii, and "Motherly" was going to expire, I thought . . ."This is it. This is my chance to right all the wrong ones. I can do this!" So I got up extra early, put in gobs of product. Straightened my hair, put it in curlers, and then curled it with a very hot curling iron, just to make sure it would look good. Not thirty minutes later, it looked like this. (Insert long drawn out sigh here). It's the humidity. There's nothing I can do about it. I hate my hair. Especially in Hawaii. But guess what? To make up for 8 more years of yet another failed attempt . . . I went ahead and put that I weigh 130 . . . . . just for funsies. Because that's atchully how much I want to weigh.