Friday, January 30, 2009

Remind Me

Next time I think its a good idea to drop over $100 bucks and be a cool mom and take my kids to the Broadway play "Annie" that was in town, PLEASE, I beg you, PLEASE, do not let me.

My night consisted of popcorn being spilled all over the people in front of us, dirty looks from said people, because my freaking kids would not quit talking and moving from seat to seat, while kicking poor people in the back of their heads, whining, begging for food and drinks (after I had just taken them to Burger King on the way there), bathroom breaks right in the middle of the whole production because they just couldn't wait until intermission (even though I made them go like 3 times before we went, as to avoid this). . . . . . . . and to top it all off, my Precious, PRECIOUS Ava managed to find some ABC gum on the floor of the place and was rather enjoying it. You know, twisting it around her finger, chomp, CHOMP, CHOMPING away until I realized that I had NOT given her any gum. I must be a horrible mother, because I actually had the NERVE to take it away from her.

Oh the fits she can throw . . . . . . . UNBELIEVABLE.

Although I think I kept myself fairly composed, I was actually crying on the inside, thinking of all the foul things she had just exposed her little mouth to, and also, wondering if I was going to make it until the end of the show without having a nervous breakdown. It was close . . . . but I made it, and luckily, my kids are still alive. We made it home, bypassing the ice cream I promised them if they were good.

Naughty Kids = No Ice Cream = Pissed Kids = Crazy Loca Mother.

Next time I mention doing anything like this again, please advise me to go and get my little guy Walter from his secret hiding place, and shoot myself in my own foot, because THAT, my friends would be more enjoyable than the night I just had.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There are so many great things in this world. Of all the great things, there is one thing that I happen to love so much, I think it actually hurts. What is this beloved thing?

Yes, Diet Pepsi. To me, there is nothing better than a fountain Diet Pepsi. Just like they say. . . . Light, Crisp, Refreshing. And I say . . . YUMMY!

I was never a big soda drinker until I started working nights. This is when my love affair with DP began. I depended on the caffeine to keep me going. I would get myself one almost every night. The problem with this bad habit, is that Diet Pepsi is not good for my body. No soda is.

So guess what? I don't drink it anymore. I have been sober for 11 months. Although it is VERY tempting at times, I WILL NOT cave. Why would I want to go and get myself addicted again after such success?

To some this may seem like a small feat, but to me, it is a big deal. I am trying to practice some self control in my life. I plan on choosing one thing at a time, and mastering it. Then I will move along to another. So the next thing I want to do is eat less meat. No, I am not going to become a vegetarian, but I do believe that eating meat sparingly is much healthier for our bodies. This will be much harder for me than quitting the DP. So I'll get back to you in 11 months and let you know how it's going!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Somewhat of a Compromise

Although a classic bowl cut was VERY tempting . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . I opted to KEEP and CUT. Kept it long, BUT cut thicker bangs. And after only two days of doing said bangs, I am kicking myself in the shin for cutting them. Although I think they look good, I can't stand them in my face, AND I already burned my forehead and it looks nasty. So, next time two thirds of you tell me not to cut bangs, I will totally listen. I promise.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

decisions, decisions. . . .

Usually I am a VERY decisive person. I know what I want, and I don't waste too much time trying to talk myself into, or out of anything. (Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not so good). So when I decide that I want to cut my hair, I usually just go for it. I always like it for about a week, and then I regret it, because typically, my locks are slicked back everyday anyway and it only puts a damper on my slickness when i cut my hair too short . . . . . . you know the drill.

My hair is pretty long right now. I like long hair. There is so much you can do with it. I also like short hair. There are so many cute short cuts, but my hair type just doesn't allow said cuts to look well (believe me, I have tried it). Whenever I have tried a short hair cut, it is always with the belief that it will MAKE me have to do my hair. Yah right. I WILL find a way to slick it back, or get it out of my face somehow, even if 20 bobby pins are involved.

This brings me to my most current dilemma. What to do with the gnarly knots? I mean . . . .just look at the state of my mane. I thought I was just going to grow out my bangs, but I am really thinking this over and I think I might just cut them. I am thinking of doing them a little thicker than usuall too. I think I might also cut about three inches off and go for "medium hair."

(no, you're not just seeing things . . . . it looks totally greasy, cause it is! leftovers from last nights AMAZING workout. i prefer the WT look).

Why am I being so indecisive? This is SO not me.
I am getting my hair done and it is imperative that I have decided promptly by 12:30pm Pacific Time on January 16, 2009. Should I KEEP, or CUT?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Guess I'll Do It

I have been avoiding doing this Christmas/New Year post. Probably because to me it is still Christmas Break and I have been partying too hard. We have had so much fun with friends and family just hanging out and playing games, but the time has come. Here it goes . . . . .

My kids are spoiled enough as it is. They pretty much get whatever they want all year round because Damon and I are the biggest suckers. So naturally for Christmas we promise eachother we will try to make it more simple and stick to the real meaning of Christmas, but of course this year, I pretty much over did it once again.

Don't get me wrong, our Christmas was good, but I think I really mean it when I say next year will be much more simple. Here's why:

1. Edyn got everything she asked for. A guitar, snow globe, clothes, games, books, barbie scooter . .. etc. On Christmas she told us many times that "This is the best day of my life!" A few days later we overheard her and her friend talking about what they got for Christmas, and she said, "I don't even remember what I got." Hmmmmmm . . . . . .

2. Ava, also happy as a clam, for 15 minutes and then she was more interested in stealing Lila's binkis and sneaking up to the bonus room to watch tv.

3. Lila. . . . . don't know why I even bothered. She prefers piles of garbage to toys. I have proof.

Anyway, It was a good day, but like I said . . . . next year, A LOT different. I plan on doing more service and spending more TIME than MONEY.

Of all the gifts I received, my very favorite thing about this year was this.

Nana ( WE LOVE YOU!) snuck our plain little table and spent countless hours hand painting it into a beautiful work of art. It is so hard for me to express how much I appreciate this kind gesture. I was basically speechless. She spent so much TIME on this amazing gift. I LOVE it. My kids LOVE it. They feel like little princesses when they sit at it. This was better than any store bought gift we have ever received. Priceless.

My next favorite thing was this picture Damon did for me. You wouldn't understand unless you saw the original how much TIME he put into it. It was horrendous. He worked his magic in photoshop, switching heads cleaning things up (like my fat face), making me look somewhat presentable (30 pounds lighter) and printing it VERY LARGE for my viewing pleasure. Of course now all we have to do is photoshop him in one of these days so we can have a real family picture for once. (That doesn't mean I will be doing Christmas cards next year . . . . just because I still don't want to)!

New Years was fun. We spent some time with friends, came home early (sorry guys, I know we are lame) and put the kids to bed and then of course played a couple of rounds of Ticket to Ride. Then I spent the wee hours of New Years Day spooning with my sister and watching arguably the funniest show ever . . . . Arrested Development. Oh WOW. That is some good stuff! (Thanks for the rental El Donaldo).

On a side note. . . . I have been wondering what I can do for some decorations in my room. I am basically stumped and have been asking around for some opinions. No worries though. Damon took care of that for me. Doesn't he have good taste?

This is what I walked into the other night. I let him keep it up, because after all, the Dolphins did make it to the playoffs, but it might be coming down tonight after the game they played today. Stinkin Dolphins. Blew it.

Also, I started a new tradition. New Years Day from now on in our house is Kids Day. They get to do whatever they want. Shoots and Ladders, pedicures and manicures, hide and seek and dancing were on my shift. Damon's shift was the movies. Unfortunately it all came to a screeching halt when Ava got explosive diarrhea during said movie. So glad that was Damon's shift :).

We have had a great break, but I am so ready to be back on track. My kids need school. I need them out of my face cause its about to get ugly up in here. Love those little turkeys, but we are just plain ready for this break to be over.

While we are on the subject of New Years, I will announce to the world (or the 5 people who read this blog) my one and only resolution. I used to make all sorts of resolutions that I knew I really wouldn't keep for more than two or three weeks. Not any more. I am going COMPLETELY REALISTIC this year. Here it is. . . . . AVOID WALMART. This might seem kind of silly to some, seeing as how we are neighbors and all, but the amount of time and money I spend at that place is just astronomical. I drop so much cash there that its just better for all of us if I stay away.

From now on, I will be doing my grocery shopping at Yokes (for my produce), and Winco (for everything else). In doing this, I WILL NOT be able to purchase anything BUT groceries and I will go ahead and make an estimated guess that I will be saving myself THOUSANDS of dollars, which will help us to pay off even more debt than we did in 2008, WHICH will get me one step closer to my goal of being filthy rich . . . . (hey, i can dream can't I)? BTW. .. . if you do happen to see me at WalMart . . . . . . it is for White Cloud diapers. Can't beat that price.

Another side note . . . . . . .I guess Edyn is basically partied out, because I found this on our front door a few days ago. Apparently we are now closed. She is so right . . . . in a way.

I wish you all a Happy 2009. I plan on having a great one.