Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heads Up

Tuesday Night, June 3. Its gonna be a blast. If you want to come, email or call me and I will give you all the details. So much food (catered by Nothing But Noodles), So many ladies, and SO much fun! Bring your karoake voice and guitar hero fingers, cause its gonna get CA-RAAAAAZAY!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Rundown

1. Swimming
Thanks for the use of your glasses and hat Bryce and Blake!
Daddy and Edyn
Blake and Tayson
Uncle Tyson and Lila

2. Carrie Underwood Concert

I am seriously not into chicks . . . . but I know a sexy broad when I see one, and Carrie Underwood is the most amazingly talented and beautiful lady . . . . it was an awesome fun time with the sisters! We just couldn't quit staring she was so hot!

3. A talk in Church.

4. A Breakfast at Church.
I was in charge of 40 dozen eggs. That's a lot of cracking.
5. More Swimming
Are you ever going to give birth Mariah!
6. Some Blissful Sleep
Lila slept for 6 hours in a row in her own bed last night. She must have been so worn out from the weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Forty Piggies

One Lilita
("Little Lila" for all you non spanish speakers)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Back

After a wild night of Bunko (with a bunch of BABES I might add) and finally getting my baby to sleep, I think I might have just found a few minutes to post what I have been up to.

My dad and husband are Photographers. We have two studios. Damon runs one and Rick runs the other. My job is to work for both of them. We are always busy, but during the spring and fall seasons, we are EXTREMELY busy. Sports Leagues, Schools, Seniors, Families, and you guessed it . . . PROMS and HOMECOMINGS.

During these busy times, this is basically what our schedule is like:

Damon wakes up early and goes to work.
Libbie stays home with the kids all day.
Damon comes home from work.
Libbie goes to work all night.
Damon stays home with the kids all night.

I am not complaining. OH NO. I am grateful, because this means that the business is doing well. But we do get very burned out and look forward to those slower times when we can relax a little.

This May 3rd, we were lucky enough to have 9 (yup . . . Thats a big NINER) Proms in one night (Yup, that would be ONE NIGHT). I am still not sure why every school in our area decides to have their dance on the same night. So crazy. One of my responsibilities is to schedule all the staff for the events we shoot. Since we need about 8-9 people at each big dance and about 4-5 at the smaller ones, it gets pretty tricky.

Luckily we know about these dances well in advance, so I have plenty of time to call friends and organize. I was telling a couple of them that night, that I kind of feel like I am on The Aprentice, and this is my final task. There is so much that goes into the planning. What Photographers and staff will be at what dance? What equipment will go where? Do we have all the supplies that we need? Who will work well with who, etc.

The dances are actually pretty fun to work at. Its fun to see all these little teeny boppers who think they are just the "CATS MEOW." And guess what? I used to be one of them! Dang. If only I knew then what I know now. Working at these dances reassures me that my daughters will be wearing turtle neck, long sleeve polyester dresses that go to their feet to their proms, that is IF I even let them go. Seriously, I am amazed that parents would let their young daughters out in public in some of these dresses. HELLO, there are always boobs hanging out everywhere. And sometimes if we are lucky, we get to see a lot more than that . . . .

Since we are our own lab, we print and package all the pictures right at our K-town Studio. Because we are so awesome, we deliver most of the schools pictures to them by Monday morning after their dance. This means that we go for about about 48 hours with maybe two or three hours of sleep if we are lucky enough to even squeeze that in. It gets pretty Slap Happy down in the basement with a bunch of girls who have barley slept! We had all the dances done by Tuesday night and have been working on sports since then.

Well, I hate to break my arm patting my own self on the back . . . . but I AM HIRED! It went so smooth. Only because of all my awesome friends who really pulled thru for the Realife Team! My dad even gave me a bonus for all my efforts. Nice, really nice. Now that all these proms are over, we have a just a few more sports leagues and a couple of Dance Studio classes to get out. Then you will find me relaxing all summer with my three crazy ladies by the pool doing nothing but swimming and eating watermelon! Feel free to join in!

Below are some pictures from a few of the dances. And of course the production. Thank everyone for all your help. SO GLAD ITS OVER !

Work it ladies, WORK IT!

Nice shades One I'd Karin!

Shawn Duck Dong . . .You Sexy Beast!

Oh T. . . . I love your Prom Pose. You are so Gorgeous!

DH and Meggers . . . WHAT??

Dance time!

Kill me now . . . I am so tired.

The greatest ladies EVER. Beaking the Sabbath right along with me. So naughty.

Working in the dungeon.

Even the little sisters get recruited.