Saturday, March 3, 2012


Edyn turned 9 today.

My biggest girl is getting so BIG. . . . .

. . . . and more and more beautiful every day.

She is amazing. She is kind, responsible, and thoughtful. She is honest, and has integrity. I am so proud of the little woman she is becoming.
Edyn is THEEEEE biggest Bethany Hamilton fan you will ever find. She loves to surf. She scored her very own surfboard and rashgaurd for her special day.
(And I will continue to pray that she doesn't get her arm eaten by a shark).

She love her baby cousin that is here visiting. Who wouldn't? Look at that cute baby face!

For her birthday, she needed to go out and catch some waves. Daddy is such a good coach.

And Tio and Tia are the best cheerleaders ever.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Beadsa.
I love you!

You. Are. Awesome.